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    Adulting + Fall Bar Cart

    When I told Matt we should get a bar cart, he was actually really receptive. We were scouring garage sales for things, and found this bar cart for $40. The sweetest old couple had to clear it off for us so we came back and picked it up, to find another lady trying to buy it! That’s when you know that you found a good one for a good price! I haven’t had a lot of ideas for decorating, but this new season made me want a fall bar cart!


    Fall Bar Cart

    Fall Bar Cart

    We have this door in our apartment that we don’t have access too, so it was the perfect thing to put there!

    Fall Bar Cart

    All things fall of course! My best friend (who has contributed a lot to this cart!) made that cork holder for my 21st! The napkins are from Target, and everything else has been gathered through gifts and been inherited from our families.


    Fall Bar Cart

    I wasn’t sure what to do with this shelf, so putting some of our photos on there seemed like the best option!


    Fall Bar Cart

    Thanks to my mother-in-law and IKEA, we have lots of different glasses!


    Fall Bar Cart

    My best friend made these for us for my birthday/housewarming gift! They’re so cute, and I think they add personality to our cart!


    Fall Bar Cart

    Fall Bar Cart

    We have a Total Wine & Liquor by us, which has been so fun because we get to try a bunch of new wines! We found a delicious German riesling that we’re sharing with our parents the next couple of weeks. Also a dirty martini is a must, so vodka and olives are really important!

    A bar cart is such a fun way to add a piece to your place! For the essentials, check out my Pinterest board as well as search “bar cart” accessories on Amazon. I found that local boutiques and Target are two other great  places as well. I linked some great cart options below, but if you take some time, you might be able to find one cheaper on Craigslist or at a garage sale.

    Do you have a bar cart? How have you styled it?


    Lifestyle + Long Distance Date Ideas

    For those of you who are newer to the blog, my fiancé and I ended a three and a half year long-distance relationship after moving in together this June! By end I mean we are now living together instead of living 8 hours apart.


    Long distance date ideas

    Long story short, we started dating after our first semester of college, and being the rational people we are decided that we weren’t going to transfer to be closer to each other. After three and a half years we have had a lot of creative date ideas. If you’re in a long distance relationship, or have a partner who travels a lot these will be very helpful!

    Today I’m partnering with Cristina from Cristina Was Here to talk about our long distance relationships! She’s sharing tips on long distance dating as well! Her and her boyfriend are just adorable, and I’m so excited to see their relationship continue to grow! I really think that if you can survive long distance, you come out so much stronger and happier! Be sure to check out her tips later on in this one!

    long distance date ideas

    Our first picture together dating this time!

    Long Distance Date Ideas

    1. Watch a show or movie together over FaceTime or Skype: With Netflix and Hulu, you can find something everywhere to watch together.
    2. Cook a meal over FaceTime or Skype: Chat and make a simple meal together, then eat together! Meals together are special, and while you’re chatting put your phone away!
    3. Write love notes: This is more long term, but write letters to each other and send them by snail mail! It’s a cute way to surprise each other, and who doesn’t love getting mail?
    4. Take photos of your day: Take pictures of what goes on through out your day, the little mundane things or something you see everyday that your significant other doesn’t. Share them with each other over email one night and then talk about it! It’s a great way to get to know what you’re s.o. does during the day!

    Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to flirt a little! Long distance relationships can be hard, especially if you’re used to showing affection in person. Compliment your s.o., and pretend like you just started dating! It can make it a little easier to be so far away from each other when the other person knows that you’re still madly into them.


    long distance date ideas

    Our engagement photos!

    Be sure to head over to my friend Cristina’s blog  for her tips on surviving long distance! They are great tips, and all ones that we used during our long distance relationship!

    Have you been in a long distance relationship? What have you done?




    Adulting + Tips for Sunday Preperation

    Sunday scaries are real, and this past Sunday I had them bad. Being sick and unable to accomplish everything I wanted to made Monday seem like a horrible hump to get over. (#realtalk) Matt and I finally started to get our act together after watching the Packers lose at home, which is another reason my week had another less than stellar start. But with a little Sunday preparation, I felt a lot better!

    Sunday preparation

    Why Sunday Preparation?

    One of the things that I’ve done since graduating is to set aside specific time to prepare for my coming week. Even when we have guests I take the time to do laundry, prep my breakfast and lunches, and look at my to-do list for the week.

    It makes me feel like I know what’s coming, and I rarely feel blind-sided by something. I’m also able to work in other things because I know what’s going on.

    Food preparation

    1. Boil eggs: I boil 10 eggs for my breakfasts in the morning. I have two eggs a day, and it’s great protein to start my day! Doing this ahead of time saves me time in the mornings.
    2. Cut up peppers and veggies: We saute a lot of veggies with our meals, and so  this makes it way easier to start and finish dinner
    3. Prep for slow cooker meal: I’ve been trying out different recipes, like meatballs and chili so that we have to do less work. As the week goes on neither of us really wants to cook. By making a slower cooker meal, we can save the left overs for dinner and lunch.
    4. Cook chicken: For extra protein, we add chicken to our lunches! Matt gets really creative with his spice mixtures (thinking maybe he does a blog post on his favorite combinations)

    I don’t prep my salads because we use reusable salad containers, and it only takes me three minutes to throw my salad together in the morning.

    Blog/Work Preparation

    1. Create bullet journal layout for the next week: My layouts are Monday – Sunday, and so I take the time to create my week.
    2. Fill in: I look at what is coming up on the blog, what’s going on at night, and what tasks I have for work each day.
    3. Schedule work: Once I know what I need to do, I schedule that out for the night and weekends

    Knowing what I have to do each day is great, and I can add things as I go!


    1. Finish laundry
    2. Do the dishes
    3. Pick up your shoes, clothes and random objects, actually put them away.

    Getting these little things done will make your week so much better when you don’t have to think about cleaning up what happened that weekend. (Whether it be the leftovers from a wild party or that Netflix binge that got out of hand).

    Mental Preparations

    I can have everything done, but still the last thing I want to do is go to work. Watching a good show, or snuggling up next to Matt on the couch generally makes me feel better! If nothing else, I go to bed early with book which is my favorite thing to do before I fall asleep.

    The most important thing is to have a positive attitude when you wake up the next morning, so if I know I might be cranky, I save an inspirational photo from Pinterest to read the next morning!


    The biggest take away is that adding in 2 hours of Sunday preparation can really set you up for success for the rest of your week. Just like a great morning routine, a little work on Sunday will allow you to be more productive during the week!

    What do you do on Sunday to make life a little easier?





    Lifestyle + Outdoor Fall Activities Outfit

    With this weather, who doesn’t love spending time outside? I really love the idea of long days spent outside at football games and at walking around apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Matt and I spent Saturday at an apple orchard and farm in Peabody, MA.  Unfortunately I woke up with the worst head cold so we weren’t there very long.

    Fall Activities

    fall activities

    One of my favorite parts about fall is being able to wear layers without a jacket. A sweater or long sleeve with a vest if my go-to fall outfit.

    img_2023 fall activities

    More than likely I will throw on a pair of booties or my Converse with this outfit. Comfy walking shoes are key, as well as warmth.

    Fall Activities

    Fall Activities

    This vest is so versatile. I have it in three colors, and will be picking up the fourth color soon I’m sure. This is a great layering piece  other than just fall because it isn’t bulky. I don’t like really bulky vests because I can’t grab another layer if I need it, which is likely.

    Fall Activities

    This long sleeve from the Loft is the perfect layering piece. I have worn it with this vest and want to wear it under a chambray shirt or dress.

    Fall Activities Fall Activities

    We went to Brooksby, and had the best apple cider donuts. We should have gotten a dozen to be honest because they’re already gone. I’m a huge apple cider fan, so we picked up a half gallon of fresh pressed apple cider. Pair that with cinnamon sugar popcorn and you’ve got a great fall snack!

    Fall Activities

    What is your favorite fall outfit? Have you done anything outside for fun yet this season?




    Travel + 5 Fall Trips to Take

    One of the things I was most excited about when I graduated was the freedom to travel more. Without having to spend weekends doing homework, working and participating in extracurriculars, I have them open to explore New England! With a bit of a wanderlust bug, here are some beautiful fall trips to take.


    Fall trips


    Fall Trips

    Fall Trips


    1. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

    Virginia looks absolutely beautiful in the fall! Anything with mountains and fall temperatures sounds great in my book! National parks really are a national treasure and experiencing them during this beautiful season only make them more special. You can stay there, and there are some great towns around there to explore as well.


    fall trips

    2. Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah is a re-visit must for me! I loved it in June, and have heard that it’s even better in the fall. It’s a very walkable city, so you can cover a lot. It’s a pretty easy flight or drive if you’re near by. The farmers market I heard is beautiful.


    Fal Trips

    Jsonline photo – Holy Hill is shown Monday among a bed of fall colored trees near dusk. JEFFREY PHELPS PHOTO.

    3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    A little plug for my home state! There are plenty of farms for you to explore, and the Kettle Moraine is a beautiful area to explore. Try the Ice Age Trail, it goes right through the Kettle Moraine and the vistas are stunning. It’s one thing that I miss about being home is all of the foliage! There are breweries to visit, and farmers markets to attend. Stay in the Third Ward if you stay in Milwaukee, but if you decide to drive from somewhere near by, Door County is about 3 hours north and is stunning in the fall.

    Fall Trips


    4. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

    One of the more popular places in Washington, the views would be even more spectacular in the fall. It’s not that far away from Seattle, so you can take an afternoon and experience the amazing vistas. There is a really cool spa near by if you’re looking for a really relaxing weekend next to an amazing waterfall. 

    fall trips


    5. Fort Collins, Colorado

    Once again this maybe a little biased, but I was there about a year ago visiting one of my best friends who went to school there. I have to say it was absolutely beautiful, and I really want to visit again! Their downtown is gorgeous, and I know from my friend’s experience that it’s got some amazing hiking trails near by.


    There is still time to take advantage of fall! We’ve got a good month left of nice weather, and if you’re within driving distance there really isn’t an excuse not to go!

    Do you have any trips planned? What’s on your must-see this fall? Let me know if you go anywhere!



    Travel + Saturday in Cambridge, MA

    Since moving to Boston, Matt and I have tried to explore as much of our new city as possible. We try to go somewhere new every couple of weeks! This past Saturday we spent the day in Cambridge. It was a great day full of a little work, a lot of walking, and some great food!



    Matt is currently an actuary student, which means he has his college degree but doesn’t have his professional certifications yet. Our lives will be filled with a lot of studying in the next 5 years, but that’s okay because that means I can write while he studies! We went to Cambridge and got off at Harvard Square hoping to find coffee shop to work in for a couple of hours.



    We ended up in a Starbucks right off of Harvard Square that has a Starbucks Reserve Bar. These are Starbuck’s high end coffee bars with some delicious offerings. Matt got a dark chocolate mocha, and I got the smoked butterscotch latte. They were both delicious (a little expensive) but it was cool to experience how they serve you and make the drinks. If you really like coffee and/or Starbucks, you should try one!




    Once we were done exploring we decided to walk around Harvard’s campus. Matt made the comment that he would not like going to a school where random people were constantly on your campus, but we were 100% okay be tourists and taking lots of photos. It was a dreary day, but the trees and architecture were beautiful.



    We continued to just randomly walk around, taking photos and talking! This is seriously one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday.


    On our way back to Harvard Square, we came upon Boston Burger Company, which was on a couple of “must eat” lists that I’ve saved since moving here. We stopped for an early dinner, and it did not disappoint! I had “The Sophie” and Matt had the 420. Both were delicious, and we are adding this to our list of recommendations for visitors.

    If you’re in Boston and have a free afternoon, I highly recommend spending it in Cambridge! It’s such a beautiful spot, and you are sure to find plenty to see and do. We are planning on going back very soon.

    Have you been to Boston? What about Cambridge? Any recommendations?

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