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    Wedding + Beauty Prep for the Big Day

    This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. I received free product and compensation for this post. As always all opinions are 100% my own. 

    Beauty Prep

    We are just under ten months away from the big day, and I really can’t wait for it to be here! That being said, I’ve been trying to really nail down a beauty routine that will have me looking my absolute best for the big day. Here’s what I’ve been focusing on for my beauty prep!

    Acne Scars

    This one is a little hard to treat without having some professional scar treatments, but I’ve been trying with a few things in terms of beauty prep.

    First, I’ve been really drinking as much water as I can during the day whether it be tea or ice water. I drink 16 ounces when I wake up, and then 24 ounces after my workout. I try to drink as much as I can as the day goes on, and I’ve seen a real difference in my skin. It looks much more even and it hasn’t gotten too dry.

    Second, I’ve been using benzoyl peroxide everyday, as well as moisturizing really well. If you want to see what kind of products use, check out this post.

    Third, I’ve been staying away from dairy and a lot of added sugar. According to the esthetician I saw this past spring, dairy can make you break out. Knowing that I have cut it out quite a bit, like not eating yogurt everyday or cutting creamer out of my coffee seems to have made a difference. The added sugar is hard, but eating “clean” has really helped! I would recommend trying this in addition to what ever acne routine you’re on.

    Hair Care

    I have no clue what my hair will look like for the day of our wedding, but I know I want it to be longer than it is right now. I’ve been staying away from biotin supplements because they actually make your skin worse. (Biotin increases cell turnover which can clog your pores). I’ve been using these to help with my hair beauty prep!

    I’ve been using OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo, and trying to keep heat off my hair as much as possible. I don’t wear it in a pony tail all the time and stay away from top buns.

    When I do use heat, I always use a heat protectant. This has been a life saver for my dead ends!


    This may seem weird, but I’m terrified I’m going to have the worst cold on the day of my wedding. In order to stop that, I’ve been doing a regiment of vitamins and following the 1,2,3 rule!

    I’ve also been working out consistently, not necessarily to look my absolute “hottest” on the day of my wedding but rather to feel good. Working out and having energy makes me feel good, and so that’s the point. My wedding day is going to be a wonderful day, one of the best days of my life, but my overall health is much more important. Also, Matt loves me no matter what I necessarily look like. So this isn’t necessarily beauty prep but it’s pretty close.

    Teeth Whitening

    Okay y’all let me confess something pretty embarrassing, I was not always the best with my dental care at home. I got a lot better but after years of five cups of coffee a day, a couple cans of diet coke and wine everyday I had yellow teeth. I tried a lot of teeth whitening toothpastes and strips but never really liked what they did. When Smile Brilliant reached out I really wanted to try it, so here is how it works!

    I really wanted super white teeth for our engagement photos, but after nothing else worked it was easier for me to set my eyes on the wedding day since there were going to be a lot more non-professional photos.

    Smile Brilliant

    This teeth whitening kit is unlike a lot of others because you get a set of customized trays! When I first saw I would have to take impressions of my teeth I was like “oh great it’s the orthodontist all over again”. But it totally wasn’t. It was super easy to do, and I was able to get my trays back really quickly.

    The process is super simple, and the instructions are easy to read and follow.

    Once you get your trays back, you can start whitening! You just put the gel on front of the trays and pop them in for 45 minutes to three hours.

    What to do?

    Y’all 45 minutes to three hours is kind of a long time, but thankfully I have some fun ideas for your to try as you whiten your teeth at home!

    • Online Registering: Going in store to register sounds like so much fun, but sometimes you forget! So just put your trays in, snuggle up on the couch and add what you need to those registries! Online shopping can take hours, so go ahead and get lost in it!
    • Cleaning: This is the perfect way to multi-task and involve your significant other/roommate with a little week night cleaning session. It’ll make the weekend so much better!
    • Side-hustle: Work on that great side hustle you have going on! Set a timer for your trays, then work as far you can in that time! By the time you have to take your trays out, your teeth will be whitened and you will have knocked out some of your to-do list.
    • Unsubscribe from emails: Using UnRoll Me, you can unsubscribe from so many different emails you no longer use! It’s the perfect way to declutter your life while whitening your teeth.
    • Pinning Your Inspiration: Whether you have to find some table decor, or maybe you need some real #girlboss inspiration. Take some time out of your schedule to find the inspiration you need!
    • Catch up on your favorite shows: We’re all pretty busy so we can forget to catch up on shows that make us happy or keep us on our toes! You can easily watch a couple of shows while whitening your teeth!

    My Tips

    1. Make sure to use the desensitizing gel: You’re supposed to do this for about 20 minutes after you whiten, and if you don’t you’ll regret it. (I ran out of time the first time I used my trays and my teeth were pretty sensitive)
    2. Start off with 45 minutes & work up: If you have sensitive teeth this is key. I do, so I made sure to this and have little to no sensitivity.

    Now that you know my prep for the big day, you can win your own at-home teeth whitening kit! Smile Brilliant has been kind enough to give away one teeth whitening kit to a lucky reader of mine! Be sure to enter here! If you don’t win, you can always use the code ablondeandabriefcase5  for 5% off your order!

    Professional Teeth Whitening

    Thanks to Smile Brilliant for helping me prep for my big day this fall! I’m definitely going to be ordering some more gel right before the wedding to get some extra bright teeth!

    What did you do to prep for your big day? Any suggestions? Have you used professional teeth whitening kits before?