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    Wellness + Easy Workouts for Post-Grads

    We all know that working out is important for us, but sometimes it’s just way too hard to know what to do. Here are some easy workouts that are based on a variety of options! I found that I love to have options that fit my mood.

    easy workouts


    Walking: I try to walk as much as possible. Whether it be getting off and on at a subway station earlier, or actually getting off later and walking home try to get in lots of walking. I’ve lost weight just by increasing my walking!

    Running: I’m currently attempting to train for a 5k. This is hard for me because I’m not very good at running but the experience of conquering my fears and pushing through hard workout is amazing. You don’t have to run fast, and you can run anywhere!

    Elliptical: Try 30 minutes or do 20 minutes and 10 minutes of strength training! For whatever reason I just really like the idea of an elliptical. I like to turn up the resistance for a great workout.

    Spinning: You can spin at a gym or at something like SoulCycle. I haven’t tried a SoulCycle class but I’ve heard it’s amazing! Have you?

    Rowing: I love  to row when I’ve had a rough day because the continues motion is very simple. I can’t do anything with my phone so it makes me zone out for the time period. It’s a great low intensity workout that is also great for your shoulders and arms.

    Strength Training 

    Machine Training: Ask someone at your gym or google how to use the machine. It’s normally recommended to do 2-3 days of strength training. I always do mine before because I never have energy after I do cardio. It’s also okay to just do strength training.

    Sweat With KaylaSo many people recommend this and I think I might try it soon. Have you used it? I would love any suggestions!

    Tone It Up: A couple of my sorority sisters love this, and I really like their HIIT workouts! I’m never bored that’s for sure. I would recommend it, the workouts are free.

    Buzzfeed: These are amazing workouts, and you should definitely sign up for their newsletter. They go to actual experts but show workouts for normal people. I highly recommend them!


    Where do you work out? Do you have a gym or is it free weights for you? What are your favorite easy workouts?



    Lifestyle + What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

    Fall Weddings

    Little backstory, I thought getting married in the fall was “off season” and that it was unique. That is not the case anymore, in fact fall is slowly become more popular than the summer months! I personally think that it’s harder to dress in the fall, for whatever reasons dresses are just harder for me to find. So I thought I’d put together two different outfits to try! I would definitely try Rent The Runway too if you have a more formal wedding. Since causal and cocktail are pretty popular, I put together these two looks! Also I use a lot of Nordstrom and Gap Inc.pieces because I know that they’re easy to find. If you’d like to see other retailers please let me know.

    Everything is under $100 and most are under $75!

    Cocktail Attire


    This dress is amazing, the high neck and lace combination is just to die for. Pair it with either booties or classic heels, and go dramatic with tassel earrings or simple with gold studs! I’m always cold, but get very hot when I’m tearing it up on the dance floor. Grab the cardigan to stay warm the first part of the day, and then tear it up later!




    This dress is amazing, and I love that you’ll be able to wear it all fall. The floral print is on trend, and so are the booties. Keep it simple with a long bar negative and you’ll be ready for a casual fall wedding.

    Are you going to a fall wedding? Do you have a go-to dress?



    Lifestyle + Fall Transition Outfits

    Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated with me and it’s still in the 70s and 80s. My summer closet is getting old and I’m so ready for all of my cute fall clothes. I thought I would put together some fall transition outfits for us who are waiting for the weather to be cool consistently!



    The new  J.Crew @ Nordstrom is amazing! This shirt is too cute, and I’m all about boyfriend jeans for fall. with the maroon shoes you get the added bonus of a great fall color. This fall transition outfit is perfect for brunch and a casual workplace.

    Date Night

    I love this dress, and you can add in a denim jacket for a fun date night look. With cute boots and dangly earrings, you’re ready for a fun fall activity.


    This fall transition outfit is geared more towards professionals! These bell sleeves are very trendy right now, and with a rich berry color you’re ready for fall. The open toed heels that were staples this summer should help you through the warm temperatures.

    What fall transition outfit do you wear? Any staples?



    Wedding + Engagement Photos

    I am so excited to show you our engagement photos! We had such  blast with our photographer Cassie from Holen Photography!

    We had such a hard time figuring out where to take them because I wanted to avoid any places we got our senior photos done.

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    Our hometown is really close to Lake Michigan, so we decided to go there! The water along with the park was perfect. Our favorite color is blue, so everything just fit together great.

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    I got this dress last year on super-clearance from Loft. It was before we got engaged, but I really loved it and thought it would be great for the next summer. Great thinking on my part right?

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    I feel like kissing photos are kind of awkward, but this was the really good one.

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter This dress has blue undertones so my little sister helped us pick out a shirt for Matt. She was really helpful, and I think our outfits look great together!

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    We had lots of fun taking these photos as you can see!

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    Cassie made us feel so comfortable! She had the best pose ideas, and we are having a hard time picking one for our save the dates.

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    I couldn’t be happier to be marrying this amazing man. He and I may have our struggles like any relationship, but he’s my best friend. I’d rather be having hard times with him than having it super easy going with someone else.

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    Isn’t my ring gorgeous? Matt did such a great job picking out the ring, and Cassie did an amazing job photographing it!

    Engagement Photos #BeineEverAfter

    “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single, flashing, throbbing moment.” – Sarah Dessan

    If you’re in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, check Cassie out! We’re getting married next October, and Cassie has been such a great help. I haven’t started the day of coordination, but she’s already had great ideas that have made me less stressed out.

    You should like her on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter! She does weddings, family photos, newborn and senior portraits.

    Tips for Engagement Photos

    1. Pick outfits that are comfortable: You don’t have to look super dressed up if you don’t want to, and you should be comfortable taking them!
    2. Pick a place that either has meaning or that you might go yourself: We weren’t sure where to go, but figured that we had lived by Lake Michigan our whole lives so why not go there?
    3. You don’t need a theme: Matt and I do a lot of things together, but we honestly didn’t put a lot of thought into our photos. But Matt and I like to wing things sometimes, and it turned out great.
    4. Have fun: Don’t put a lot of pressure on this photo shoot. It’s about you and your partner’s love. It’s not about getting the perfect shot for a magazine, rather something that shows how in love you are!


    This is a weird question, but how interested in a love story/ engagement story post are you?



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    Lifestyle + Present Over Perfect Review

    Present Over Perfect

    If you’re looking for a new book to read that will inspire you, this is it. Also, this is going to be heavier on the spiritual side just to warn any of those who aren’t into that. (No judgement, just love)

    Present Over Perfect Book Review

    Shauna’s book is about how she went from living what looked on the outside to be a perfect life, to a life that was messier but much more fulfilling from all angles. It’s like talking to a friend who you haven’t seen in a while and she’s telling you about this new way of living that she’s found.

    As a writer, wife and mother of two young boys, Shauna had what she was told to be the perfect career and the perfect family life. When I first started reading, I thought “what do I have in common with a woman in her late thirties with two kids?”. But honestly a lot of what she said hit me right in the heart.

    In fact, it hit me in the heart so hard that camping this past weekend I talked to Matt about something that I don’t normally talk with to people easily or openly which is my faith. I believe that it is an incredibly personal thing for people, and have never wanted others to feel like I was pushing my faith onto them. But this book made me evaluate how I value myself and how present I am in my current life.

    That being said, I tried to leave out a lot of the “God” parts of this book, but I really think that you don’t have to be very religious to get something from this book. In fact I think anyone who believes in a higher power will get something from this book.

    My reality

    I know that on the blog and social media it can seem like I have this whole adulting thing figured out, and how nice it must be to have a fiance and great family and friends and a nice apartment in a great city like Boston. But I have struggled with my own moments of self-doubt, so bad that I sometimes thought that it would swallow me whole.


    Present Over Perfect Book Review

    The pain & mess

    I have spent a lot of my time running away from my own thoughts. By constantly being busy or losing myself in Netflix I am able to run away from what I was actually feeling. Overwhelmed, unsure or self-conscious I cover it up by talking about my feelings with someone (not diving too deep), and then ignoring them by doing anything but sitting in silence.

    Since we’ve moved into together Matt made the comment that I can’t just sit and do nothing. I have to be doing something with my hands or other wise.

    This passage made me realize what I was actually doing. I didn’t want to wake up at 35 and realize that I spent my entire 20’s running away from my own feelings.

    Present Over Perfect Book Review


    The past couple of years I wanted to be better than I was in high school. I wanted to lose baby fat, be at the top of my class, have a great social life, be seen as someone who wasn’t just a studious nerd. I also desperately wanted to be successful, to be noticed at a young age for being great in my profession. I wanted to be able to do everything and make it look effortless. Isn’t that what your twenties is supposed to look like?

    So I did what I thought I was  supposed to do, but last year after getting engaged, I realized life is not linear. You don’t go from point A to B to C to D. It’s all over the place. Different things happen at different times for different people and that is okay. 

    Some people haven’t figured that out yet though. The weird and negative comments coming from people that I thought were my friends was really hurtful because they thought I had it all together when really it was just one part. A wonderful part yes, but just one part.

    I was told that since I was engaged I had to act a certain way. People would make comments about me going out to bars or parties, and I even got judged for having male friends that hadn’t met my fiancé. But for Matt it was completely different. People thought it was romantic and sweet that he had found the person that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

    Why were the expectations so different? Why did getting engaged as a woman mean that I had to slow down and stop going out? I realized this spring that there was no way that everyone was going to understand our decision to get married young, or my lifestyle choices. So I stopped caring. I focused on me and my loved ones and that helped so much! I have not been very good at this, but I try not to focus on the negative rather look at how things make me feel. My parents do a great job in reminding and teaching me to look at things in perspective.

    This passage above made me realize that we’re all different. No one is policing our lives, it’s about being happy. If people love you, they’ll be happy for you!

    Present Over Perfection Book Review

    This is me

    I’m not a few things. I love to be surrounded by people, but also really need quiet time. I can be loud and boisterous, right in the middle of the action, but also quiet and on the edge of things. I might surprise you with my knowledge of something, but also have no idea about math.

    Now I’m working on being me unapologetically. Admitting when I’m wrong yes, but I’m done saying sorry for things I don’t need to be sorry about. My friends definitely help me with that!

    Our support systems

    Shauna talks about how she used to say “must be nice” to her friends who seemed to have it better than her. But she realized that it was just envy. She said that now in her group of friends she realizes “your mess is my mess”

    My group of friends is like that. I have called and texted them when I felt like I was falling apart. (This group includes my parents). They call me when they are having a rough time too. There’s no judgement, there’s no condescending advice. We just listen, and then we give our thoughts.

    These are the people that we need to be real and raw with. We need to hold each other up and be grateful to each other.

    Present Over Perfect Book Review

    Being more than “perfect”

    Instead of trying to do everything right and always trying to look perfect, I’m going to let it be messy. I’m going to be okay with not cleaning everyday, or even having a cleaning schedule.

    With grace, I’m going to be okay with a chipped nail and having popcorn for dinner.

    With love I’m going to put down my phone and watch a couple more sunsets with my best friend.

    With connection I’m going to call my friends and family more.

    With meaning I’m going to be honest with you on my blog so we all feel like we aren’t alone.

    With spirit I’m going to take more time to sit in the silence and connect with God in order to be more me.


    Present Over Perfect Book Review

    Looking inside instead of outside

    The same God who made puppies, the mountains, the oceans and flowers decided the world needed you. You don’t need to look outside for any justification.

    Your career, relationships, family or financial status does not determine your worth.God made you, your soul is worthy, you are full of worth.

    Present Over Perfect

    So together, let’s work on being present in our lives for ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s stop trying to be and look perfect because there really isn’t something such as perfect.

    I encourage all of you to read this. Curl up somewhere with the actual book. Makes notes, highlight and cover it in your thoughts. Take some time to stop rushing through life. You may not have kids or be out of your 20’s. But why not learn from someone else, and just slow down?

    How have you slowed down? Do you ever feel like you need to take some time? Have you ever experienced anything like that?



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    Wellness + Healthy Grocery List for Working Adults

    Now that there is no longer a dining hall to use for dinner, Matt and I have been figuring out what to pretty much always have on hand in order to stick to our healthy diet. This healthy grocery list is perfect for young adults, especially couples and people living on their own.

    Healthy Grocery List


    In Boston we normally shop at Trader Joe’s or Target, and then every 2-3 weeks we head to Costco to stock up on meat, veggies, and fruits for groceries. I would recommend looking into the cheapest place to shop where you can still get good produce. For us Trader Joe’s has more variety, and our bill is a little cheaper. We love the variety there, but Target is a great alternative because they have familiar brands and great sales. We can stick to a healthy grocery list pretty much anywhere that we go.



    • Chicken breasts
    • Lean hamburger
    • Spinach
    • Bell Peppers (any veggies there are really good, but only get as many as you need!)
    • Harvest Snaps
    • Kirkland Grapefruit Cups
    • Eggs
    • Spices
    • Olive oil (any oils Kirkland brand)
    • Greek yogurt (Kirkland brand is good!)
    • Kirkland K-cups (we like the breakfast blend!)
    • Oatmeal

    Trader Joe’s

    • Frozen foods (we like to try different frozen foods like sweet potato gnocchi, butternut squash risotto, and cauliflower tempura!)
    • In-season fruit/veggies currently:
      • zucchini
      • apples
      • cucumbers
      • tomatoes
      • squash
      • onions
    • Mozzarella
    • Greek yogurt (Trader Joe’s brand)
    • Masala sauce
    • Tomato paste
    • Pasta
    • Eggs
    • Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Almonds
    • Honey Roasted Peanuts
    • Mango Slices
    • Popping corn
    • Pita chips (I love the cinnamon sugar, not really healthy but still a good treat!)
    • Peanut butter
    • Cookie Butter (yep it’s bad for you but it’s SO GOOD)
    • Indian frozen dinner (they aren’t horrible for you and a good treat!)


    • Veggies/Fruit we didn’t get at Costco (we go there before we head to Target)
    • Annie’s Mac & Cheese
    • Banana peppers
    • Lime juice
    • Pesto sauce
    • Whole wheat tortillas
    • Green tea
    • Eggs

    Target is the same at Trader Joe’s normally. We do get special things at TJ’s, but you can get similar items at each.

    Here’s what a week of meals looks like.

    • Monday
      • Breakfast:
        • Ashley – Coffee, grapefruit and 2 boiled eggs
        • Matt – Iced coffee and oatmeal
      • Lunch
        • Both – Spinach salad with shredded chicken and mozzarella. I like to add tomatoes and cucumbers on mine. Matt like’s banana peppers on his. We both use balsamic vinegar to top it off.
      • Dinner
        • Chicken (seasoned lots of different ways) with sautéed veggies like bell peppers, onions and zucchini. Or with a fun side from TJ’s!
        • Check out my Pinterest board for good foods to try too!
        • Chicken Masala (with masala sauce from TJ’s)
        • Tacos with tomatoes, spinach and onions
        • Hamburgers with grilled veggies
        • Zucchini noodles with pesto sauce and chicken.
        • Spaghetti with hamburger and red sauce
        • Annie’s Mac & Cheese
      • Snacks
        • Pita chips
        • Almonds
        • peppers
        • Mango slices
        • Popcorn
        • Peanut butter (Sometimes just out of the jar…)
        • Honey roasted peanuts
        • Greek yogurt

    This healthy grocery list idea can be adapted for one person. Cut the dinners in half, and eat leftovers some nights. We normally have leftovers  use them for leftovers night some weeks!

    Where do you grocery shop? What are some of your favorite snacks? Where do you go for healthy recipes? What’s on you’re healthy grocery list?

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    Weekend Briefcase V.7

    What a week! For it only being 4 days, I was still very ready for Friday. Starting a new job on a short week somehow makes it even more stressful. How was your week? Grab your beverage and let’s catch up!

    The Weekend Briefcase

    From the Web

    Work wardrobe staple for Mary at Memorandum!

    Hannah is talking about added sugar. It’s definitely eye opening.

    How to travel more with a full-time job, definitely paying attention to this!

    Julia shared a food diary, I’m really inspired to eat healthy.

    For Your Cart

    So I pre-ordered an Apple Watch. I like my Fitbit, but wish I could do more!

    I am completely in love with this mini skirt from TopShop, I just don’t know how to wear it yet!

    Also, I need a corduroy skirt, because everyone is styling it so well!

    This dress is perfect for season transition, and at under $60, it won’t break the bank!

    In Case You Missed It

    Last minute Labor Day that might be great ideas for this weekend!

    Informational interview questions to help your achieve your career goals!

    More great weekend ideas for early fall!




    We’re going camping this weekend, so I’m signing off from social media in order to enjoy the outdoors and time with my fiancé!

    High: Starting a new job, asking  my good friend to be a bridesmaid to be in my wedding, and the fact that September is shaping up to be a great month!

    Low: The rain this week has made me really lethargic. Also the heat and humidity. I know that fall is here until September 22, but can a girl get some highs in the high 60’s?

    Any plans for this weekend? Are you taking advantage of the Southwest sale for some fun fall trips?



    Lifestyle – Early Fall Activities

    It is almost fall y’all, and it is my favorite time of the year! There is so much to do, and honestly the clothes are just a lot cuter. I’ve been waiting to bust out my fall favorites since September 1st. That being said, I thought I would give you some activities to do before the temperatures drop even further!

    Early Fall


    Hiking/Camping – Its the perfect time of year because it’s not too hot for a bonfire or hiking, but you don’t need a ton of layers to stay warm. The colors are just about to change,it’ll be beautiful!

    Bonfire/Stargazing – One of my favorite activities in high school, we used to have bonfires and then lay out and talk under the stars. Even if you can’t get a bonfire going, grab some blankets, some of your friends and find a place to lay out and watch the night sky!

    Long drive – With the colors changing, and the weather still semi warm, take a long drive in the country. Get out of your city and make some time to stop for pictures, snacks and fun attractions. For food, think trail mix, fruit and sandwiches. It can be really fun to play tourist in your own area.

    Attend a fall football game – Whether it’s high school, college or professional going to a game is one of my favorite fall activities! There’s something about sitting in a stadium and watching America’s favorite sport. Early fall is perfect because it’s not too cold (if you haven’t sensed a theme here yet) and there are generally less injuries!


    Binge watch – Favorite shows should be starting soon, so curl up with your favorite blanket and a PSL to watch the older seasons of your favorite show!

    Decorate for fall – Find some cute mini pumpkins, a festive print and some fun garland and decorate a part of your space! It’s a fun way to get in the fall spirit. (Check out my autumn board for some inspiration)

    Build a fort – Grab some fun snacks, blankets, pillows and a good book. Curl up with your favorite person for an afternoon of pretending like you’re 8 again. It’s a fun way to create memories with each other. Get creative with your fort making, and invite some friends to enjoy the ride.


    These are some of my favorite early fall activities! What are some of yours? Any fun traditions?

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    Career – Informational Interview Questions

    Moving to a new city? Or looking for an internship next year at your dream company or in a certain industry? Informational interviews are for you. They’re a great way to get to know professionals in your industry and make connections. They can be daunting, but they are actually easy with a little bit of preparation. I’ve rounded up great questions that should help get you started.




    How did you get to where you are?

    What attracted you to this profession?

    What did you learn from your first job in the industry?

    If you could tell yourself one thing when you were my age, what would it be?

    What qualities do you believe stand out in this industry?

    Where do you see yourself going in your career?

    What makes a great ____? (insert what you want to be)

    What was your favorite career moment?

    Bonus Tip: Add a couple more in that pertain to your industry. Asking industry questions shows that you’re knowledgable and that you’ve cared enough to do research.

    What else do I need to know?

    You’re probably asking me, why do I need this information Ashley? Well I’ve learned that informational interview is really great if you use it correctly. These questions have helped me make meaningful connections, and they have helped me make connections on the other side of the country. These interviews are about the other person, and not about what ever  you want. Take the time to genuinely  get to know the other person. Trust me, when they see that you actually care about what they have to say, they will actually care about what you have to say.

    If you don’t click with that person, it’s okay! If you do, that’s even better. It’s about putting yourself out there to learn more about the industry you are or want to be in.

    Informational interviews helped me make connections in Boston when I moved, and I’m really grateful for the ones that I’ve had!

    If you’re looking for more ideas, check out Career Contessa. They are my favorite site for this kind of information!

    Have you been on informational interviews? What have you asked? Any tips I missed? Any other questions I can answer?

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    Lifestyle – Labor Day Sales & Last Minute Ideas

    Everyone is saying it but, I can’t believe that it’s Labor Day already! At the beginning of the summer I was in Wisconsin, and I’m ending it in Massachusetts.  That being said, we’re up for a low key weekend here. Looking for last minute ideas? I’ve got you covered for your Labor Day weekend. Also, you’ll find the Labor Day sales, where you can stock up on summer staples for next year, and fall items for the upcoming months.

    Last Minute Labor Day Ideas


    Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Ideas

    Pack a Picnic// Take advantage of the weather, and the extra (hopefully) day off of work. You can do a cheese board with wine pairings, or try a new salad or sandwich. Grab a beach ball, a frisbee, or your walking shoes and get moving.

    Watch the Sunrise// I know that it’s early (think of enjoying an afternoon nap), but grab a cup of coffee, you’re favorite person and watch the world light up. It’s such a memorable experience, and a good way to remember how beautiful our world really is.

    Grill Out// Grab some bell peppers, mushrooms and onions to make kabobs! Make some burgers, chicken or tofu to accompany your kabobs. Take your time, eat outside and for desert grill some peaches with brown sugar, and a dollop of ice cream.

    Go for a walk// Find a trail or path along a body of water, or walk through your downtown. Take advantage of the jacket less weather!

    Beach or Pool// Go to your local beach, or even the pool with a good book. Lay back, get a late summer glow (with plenty of sunscreen) and enjoy the sunshine!

    Tackle a DIY project// You know all that stuff you said you were going to do this summer? Like that DIY project that’s been sitting? Take a day this weekend to finish it! You’re not missing out on your weekend since it’s 3 days!

    Fall Cleaning// Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but after a jam-packed summer, why not prep for a productive and equally fun fall by starting it with a clean home?


    Labor Day Sales

    Aerie has some great sales like BOGO bras, 10 for $35 panties and $20 barrettes and sports bras! I personally love their bras, and have been shopping here instead of at Victoria’s Secret!

    American Eagle has some really cute pieces for summer, shop summer clearance 25-60% off. Also BOGO 50% on their fall collection (in stores only)

    ASOS has 15% off everything with the code LASTHURRAH.

    Ann Taylor has 50% off all sale styles. Stock up on summer work wear essentials, and tops/dresses you can add layers to!

    Banana Republic has 40% off almost everything with the code FALL40. (Already picked up a few things!)

    Baublebar has up to 75% off and 20% sale! Stock up on colorful essentials and trusty basics.

    Bed Bath & Beyond is having some great sales if you’re looking to stock up on home items!

    The Company Store is having a great sale, and it’s perfect for stocking up on bedding!

    Draper James is having a sale, so if you aspire to be more like Reese Witherspoon, be sure to check it out!

    Gap use code PARTY for 40% off your purchase. Also you can earn GapCash (which is great!)

    J.Crew 25% off of $125 and 30% off of $200!

    J. Crew Factory has 50% off everything and an extra 50% off of clearance!

    Loft has BOGO free on styles, and 50% off their sale section! Go stock up!

    The Limited has lots going on, including up to 60% off sweaters and $15 plus free shipping with a denim purchase!

    Madewell has some great picks 30% off!

    Nordstrom save up to 40% on their summer clearance sale, perfect once again for summer staples!

    Old Navy  per usual is having a great sale! All dresses, tees and jeans are 50% off!

    Target  has 25% off clothing, shoes and accessories, plus 30% off home!

    Vera Bradley  has 50% off sale prices and limited time free shipping!

    Walgreens Photo has 10 cent prints if you’re looking to frame all of those summer memories!

    William Sonoma has an extra 30% off their sale section, check it out!


    What are you plans?  I love fall  and am looking forward to it this season especially since it’s going to be my first fall season in New England.

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