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Wellness + Healthy Snacks

For me, eating healthy snacks is definitely the hardest, just because I have a horrid sweet tooth, and sometimes I need to really prep early in the week to keep myself on track! Apples + Nut Butter: Lots of protein and just the right amount of sweet! Carrots, Celery, Peppers + Greek Fiesta Ranch Dip: […]

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Adulting + Helpful Apps

There are about a million apps out there that claim to help you. Here are my favorite helpful apps, and a few that may not be too helpful! Splitwise: This is great for splitting costs between my roommate and I, as well as my friends when we do things together! It’s the best app that […]

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Lifestyle + International Badge Day Link-Up

Happy Monday! I can’t believe that we’re already into March! Today I am linking up with Annaliese at Southern Belle In Training to talk about what my sorority pin means to me!   Sisters during initiation last spring   Even though I graduated in December, my sorority still continues to change me life! When I rushed […]

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Weekend Briefcase v.5

The weekend is over! via     Be more present in your friendships, we could all use this! Tips on how to be more productive from Cristina Was Here 4 creative LinkedIN summaries How to write a killer conclusion! Ask your co-worker about something other than her wedding  6 ways to hack your evening to make […]

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Lifestyle + Dresser Design

Dresser Design & Layout The other day I had the weirdest realization that at the end of May, I will no longer have my own room that is completely my own. I thought I would share with you what my “grown up” college senior room looked like! I love seeing how other people organize their […]

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Wellness + Easy Healthy Dinner

Cooking can take so much time especially after working all day. It can be really difficult to make something Pinterest worthy. So instead I found this great recipe that I can meal prep for at the beginning of the week and then eat all week with little prep. I tweaked it myself, so it’s a […]

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Adulting + Organizing Your Life

With graduation comes a lot more paperwork. You set up bank accounts, maybe get your first credit card (or second or third). Then you get bills, insurance, 401ks, IRAs etc. You should probably start remembering birthdays and sending your own cards, and there are anniversaries as well. Don’t freak out, take a deep breath organizing […]

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Money + Simple Saving Tips

Saving money can seem a lot harder than it needs to be, I, for one have a really hard time saving money during certain occasions. Here are my tips on how to save money simply, and without sacrificing your favorite things. Set up automatic transfers: On the date around each paycheck, set up an automatic […]

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Weekend Briefcase v.4

WE MADE IT! It’s the weekend and I am so excited! Is it just me or did everyone seem a little crankier than normal this week? But now it’s time to let the problems of the past week go and just relax, knock out our to-dos and sleep a lot more! via   8 wardrobe […]

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Lifestyle + 5 Things To Do This Weekend

5 Things To Do This Weekend   I have my last completely free weekend until after the middle of April. First it was weird to not have things to do, now it’s weird to be busy every weekend! I’m hoping to clean my house, spend some time with my best friend and plan out some […]

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