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Adulting + 5 Things to Do on Halloween

I have a secret to share, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Celebrating the holidays are my favorite, but Halloween is kind of meh for me. Give me autumn with cooler temperatures, pumpkin everything and lots of apples. Heck even give me candy. But dressing up and going to a haunted house? Pass.

For those of you who love Halloween, I wish I could be one of you. I’m an enthusiastic person about most holidays, so I thought I would share some ideas for getting into the Halloween without the costumes or heavy drinking.


Alternate Ideas for Celebrating Halloween

  1. Do a pumpkin beer tasting: There are so many seasonal beers out there, especially pumpkin ones! With a tasting, you only have to do a couple of bottles of each beer, instead of doing a 6-pack of each! Look for stores that do build your own six pack, and grab three or more beer to try.
  2. Have a movie marathon: I love snuggling up with some spiked hot apple cider (try caramel vodka or Jim Beam Apple) and good movies! Anything Harry Potter is a good choice, but so is Hocus Pocus, Casper the Friendly Ghost and scary if that’s what you like.
  3. Make some Halloween treats: I think that people are so creative at Halloween making edible spiders (made of candy of course) ghosts, different pumpkins and more! It would be fun to spend a night creating yummy treats you can then eat immediately. (#IHaveNoSelfControl)
  4. Carve pumpkins & roast seeds: It’s never too late for this! We haven’t done this yet and I kind of want too, mainly for the pumpkin seeds. You can create some fun designs that are Thanksgiving themed, maybe with a turkey or leaf to decorate your space with.
  5. Curl up with a good book: Actually head to a bookstore or library and pick up a book! Try this one or this one. If you don’t have a fireplace, play this video on your laptop, TV or tablet!


Some other great posts about what to do, especially if you’re in college , from Cristina Was Here and The Glitter Guide.

What are you doing for Halloween? For those of you who love it, leave your Instagram! I love checking out people’s costumes! If you’re staying in, do the same so we can share our crazy nights! Check out my weekend by following me @ashvickney 



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  • I love the idea of curling up with a good book. My husband is out of town and I’ve been wanting to dive into a book I just got. Maybe that’s what I’ll do! 🙂

    • I hope you got to do this, or find sometimes soon to do this 🙂

  • Elly Leavitt

    YES finally someone else who hates halloween! I love fall and everything related to it but have never been into halloween. Very into the pumpkin beer tasting idea however..

    • Haha I’m so excited, this time of year after Halloween & leading up to Thanksgiving & Christmas are my favorite! The pumpkin beer tasting was a great idea, we loved it!

  • Sydney Power

    I love reading a good book, it is my destress from school and life so that is one of my favourites!!

    • I need to get back into reading again, I keep falling asleep on the couch instead!

  • I didn’t used to like Halloween but I love it now! I wish I could hand out candy or go trick or treating now, but it’s a little late for that in college now. Reading creepy books is a big favorite of mine!

    Caitlyn |

    • Reading creepy books is so fun! I had some fun in college, but we don’t live in a building with a lot of kids. Hopefully next year we can hand out candy!

  • Sami Mast

    I love Halloween! But this year I’m on candy duty for the trick or treaters since I have school tomorrow! But my roommates and I are all having halloween movie marathons with old classics like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus! These are all great ideas though for those who aren’t too into the Halloween spirit!


    • Candy duty is actually really fun for me! I love old classics, Halloweentown is SO GOOD!
      Hope you had a great night!

  • Lily

    Omg I’m obsessed with this list!! I’ve done it all except for beer tasting. Definitely adding this to my list 😉

    • Did you try the beer tasting? What did you end up doing? Thanks for reading!

  • I love the pumpkin beer tasting and the movie marathon. I might have to start that now before the night ends!

    xoxo. Candice

    • Haha what did you end up doing? Hope you had a good night!

  • Greta Hollar

    Such fun ideas! We’re having mexican and going to a Phantogram concert. It should be fun!

    Greta |

    • Your night sounds great! Mexican is my FAVORITE, so in my opinion it sounds like you had a wonderful night haha. I’ve never heard of Phantogram before, but now I’ll have to check them out on Youtube!

  • Awesome ideas! There’s nothing much to do here for Halloween, so these are definitely amazing ideas for me.

    • Did you end up trying any? My family friends in Germany have started a halloween party tradition for all of their friends that has become very popular!

  • Adriana

    These are such fun ideas!! Movie marathons are the best – and now that Halloween is over, Christmas movie marathons it is haha!

    • Christmas movies ALL THE WAY. The day after Thanksgiving when I’m done watching Gilmore Girls and not listening to Christmas music I will be playing Love Actually on a loop! What are your favorite movies?

  • Kristin Thompson

    These are all great ideas! On Saturday night my sister and I got Halloween candy and then watched Halloweentown – it was so much fun!

    The Blush Blonde

    • Halloweentown is one of my favorite movies, where did you find it? ( I might have to watch it soon!)

  • What great ideas! I usually opt for a movie marathon. What’s Halloween without Hocus Pocus?!

    • Hocus Pocus is amazing, we actually went to Salem the weekend before Halloween and saw where the concert scene was filmed!

  • Aw bummer I guess Halloween is one of those hit or miss holidays. I love dressing up but fun suggestions for those who don’t!

    • I’m envious that you really enjoy that! I’m someone who normally dives head first into these things, but for whatever reason Halloween isn’t my thing. I love looking at other people’s costumes, they are so creative!

  • A pumpkin beer tasting would have been a lot of fun!

    • It was so much fun, you should try it! We had a lot of fun coming up with a rating system!

  • I love to do movie marathons while handing out candy! Such great ideas!

    Kayla |

    • I miss handing out candy so much! That sounds like a great night!

  • Love your alternatives to going out and partying! I would have much rather staying in and watching movies this weekend!

    • My friend convinced me to go out, and while we had a good time, I’m definitely hoping to stay in next year. I’m done with going out for sure now!

  • Amy

    Need to remember this for next year! I really don’t do a whole lot for Hallowee and these are great alternatives!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    • I can’t wait to do the pumpkin beer tasting next year, and have started a list of must see movies too!