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Adulting + 7 Tips On How To Decorate Your Apartment Like An Adult

Who misses being able to stick a bunch of photos on the wall and being the coolest kid on your dorm floor? SAME.

Let’s talk about how non-existent my decorating style was until like two and a half years ago. I saw a couple things on Pinterest and was like yes yes I need all of this yes. I guess you could call it “it came from Target so it must go together” chic.

We don’t really have a style right now, but in a good way. Like we pick pieces we really like that go together, and since we moved from a very industrial-styled apartment to a more classic apartment we’ve been trying to blend the two styles. Matt definitely likes the more industrial style, whereas I’m all for a light and airy with some traditional thrown in. Here are our (yes ours, Matt is pretty involved in this whole process) tips for decorating your apartment like an adult. (And not an 18 year old with her first credit card at Target)



How to Decorate Your Apartment Like An Adult

1. Know That It Takes Time

This is my first tip because I struggle the most with this one. But take your time decorating, live in your space to know what “extra” pieces you’ll need! If you end up buying furniture without living in it, you might find out you need something else. Also, by slowly decorating you’re able to pick up pieces you really love and might even be able to  get them on sale!

2. Frame  & Hang Your Pictures

One of the easiest ways to elevate your decor is to stop taping photos to the wall. Frame them (IKEA & Hobby Lobby are my two favorite places. Such cheap but great looking frames!) Make a really fun galley wall, or just put it in a square with four prints on a wall. It’s so easy to take your posters that you have or photos and put them in a frame. Use command stripes to hang things so you don’t damage your walls!

Pinterest is so easy to use for inspiration on how to hang things! We created a gallery wall in our last apartment, but have a lot more walls to decorate so we’ll be doing less of a gallery wall and more of grouping photos.

3. Invest in Good Looking Storage

Storage is so important, especially if you live in an apartment. Instead o leaving things just out in the open, consider investing in storage like cloth baskets, bookcases, and extra shelves in your closets.

Think of getting these cubes from Ikea, and use nice cloth baskets. You’ll have lots of storage for random things, and it’s super easy to pick up your apartment (Just shove everything in the bins last minute if need be)


4. Buy Neutrals for Big Items

One of the best ways to make your furniture last, is to buy neutral colors. A pink couch is awesome (and it’s hard for me to argue against it) but are you going to be able to move it around for years? Probably not. Think of investing in a grey or brown couch that you can change out throw pillows for pops of color.

Throw pillows are cheaper than buying a brand new couch every time you want to redecorate. I would say the same for our new apartment, we bought accent chairs, but in a blue color that we know we would want for awhile. All of our other furniture is white or brown, because that’s what goes well with our tastes.

5. Use Accessories t0 Add Color & Personality

This tip goes hand in hand with the last one! Go to HomeGoods, Marshalls, Target clearance section, and your local flea market for cute ideas that are also cheap. If you’re in the Boston area, definitely try out SoWa!

Remember tip #1, and have fun looking for accessories! Use unexpected things as decorations, and keep browsing Pinterest. I have no design eye at all, so blogs, Pinterest and my mom are my resources! This is one of the best things about the internet, you can find so much inspiration.



6. Have Fun With It

Unless you have children, this is one of the only times in your life (if you plan on having kids) that you can decorate your place with any crazy thing you want. Frame that poster of your favorite band, or have a real weird looking pot that means a lot to you. If you’re a bargain hunter, pick up weird things and make them work.

7. Look At Estate, Rummage & Yard Sales

We found our bar cart for $40 at a rummage sale before we moved, as well as some kitchen wear that had been gently used. It’s a fun activity for loved ones and friends, you find some really weird/cool stuff! If you have a little extra time this is the perfect activity!


What makes you feel like an adult when you decorate? Do you have a go-to hack?



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  • Love this so much! I can’t WAIT to have my own apartment. My dream is to own a bookshelf, haha. There is no room in my parents’ house right now in my room. I need a home for all the books lol. I agree with the neutrals a lot! It’s always good to have such a bright room full of light!