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Wellness + Summer Wellness Ideas & Goals

Happy Tuesday y’all! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing long weekend. I can’t say that for myself really, we were in Louisville judging high school debate nationals (I actually competed at this tournament for four years in high school, Matt and I will tell you that debate was the best part of high school for us). Wellness has been at the top of my mind for this weekend just because of how crappy I feel after not really eating a fruit or veggie this weekend.


Louisville is gorgeous!

skip this if you’re in a hurry

We spent 10 hours at the airport in Boston on Friday because of a delay, and then all day Saturday at a debate tournament, and part of the day Sunday there as well. Lets just say that “healthy” options are not abundant, and at some point you just eat what you can. (Especially when you’re using sugar to keep yourself awake after 4 hours of sleep.)

I’m spending the next two weeks trying to get back on track before four days at home, which normally means my healthy eating goals go out the doors because home-cooked meals from our family.

ANY WAY. Here are my summer wellness ideas and goals.


Summer Wellness Ideas & Goals

1. Eat More Local Produce: 

There are so many wonderful farmer’s markets in Boston, and they have such a wide variety of produce. My plan is to head to the farmers market for produce that is seasonal, fresh and local. Honestly three things that make cooking a lot of fun for me. If you’re going to a farmer’s market, here’s what you should bring:

  • A couple of reusable totes: A lot of stands have plastic bags, but do everyone (including the environment) a favor by grabbing reusable totes to bring with for your produce
  • Cash: Now a days a lot of stands do have the ability for you to pay with a card, but that actually costs them money (credit card companies charge them a % of the sale to use the service). Cash is easier and more beneficial to the local farmers and small businesses you’re frequenting.

2. Go for More Sunset Walks: 

One of the things I remember very clearly from when I was a kid is going on walks with my parents after dinner. It’s so nice outside, and it’s good to end the day with a  walk together instead of a tv show. (I’ll let you know in a couple of months if Matt agrees!)

3. Grill & Eat Outside 

We just got the best grill (from Amazon) and Matt’s brothers and future sister-in-law got him an awesome grill tools set that I’m itching to use more. Send me your grill recos please, I’m looking forward to peaches and avocados on the grill!

I’m looking forward to eating out on our deck while Matt grills and we catch up on our days.


4. Less TV, More Books & Writing 

Matt and I are self-proclaimed TV junkies, we literally watch like 15 shows between the two of us. While its a really fun way spend time together, and honestly we’re really into the shows so we discuss them as we go, it’s time to get out of our living room!  I want to read more (after getting my library card), and spend time writing.

5. Run and/or Practice Yoga 6 Days a Week

Yoga, running and spinning are honestly my three favorite work outs. Yoga is normally saved for days I wake up late or the weather outside is not the best. My new plan is to run three days a week, and practice yoga the other three. My goals are to move from my beginner class to an intermediate class, and run three miles straight without having to walk but the end of the summer!

6. Make One New Recipe a Week

We love cooking, and I want to get back in the kitchen with Matt! Trying a new healthy recipe each week will get us back in the kitchen, and we can start to increase our roster of go-to meals. Cooking together is going to be a good way to unwind from all the wedding stress!

7. Cut Back on Refined Sugar

In the summer it can be really easy to eat all of the sugary stuff that is available, especially when it comes to summer drinks. I need to cut back though, as I can feel the sugar rushes that come and go when I eat a lot of it! I’m going to rely on fruits to help curb my sweet tooth!

8. Spend More Time Outside With Friends

Matt is an introvert, and I can be too since he is normally enough interaction for me. But I’m finally starting to meet people in Boston, and I’m looking forward to spending time with them, outside! It’s great for wellness to take time to be around people you enjoy!
These are my idea and goals for the summer. I hope that they can inspire your own. One that I didn’t put on because it was a goal last summer, is walking more places instead taking the T (subway) or an Uber.


What are your goals for this summer? I’d love to hear about how you plan on spending your summer!



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  • Miss ALK

    I’ve been trying to go for sunset walks a few nights a week after work! I love it and it’s a great way to decompress after being indoors all day.

    xoxo A

    • Ashley Vickney

      Totally agree! I need some fresh air after working all day inside!

  • Yes to all of these but especially #4! I always get more done when I cut myself off from TV in the Summer!

    • Ashley Vickney

      TV is my Achilles heel I swear! It’s so good but such a time-sucker!

  • mckenna bleu

    I love the goal to eat more local produce! Im currently wanting for find a good farmers market near me!

    • Farmer’s markets are my favorite! In my hometown we grab coffee and always run into friends while walking around!

  • thesophiadiaries

    these are totally goals I’m am looking forward to trying to make happen during the summer!!! but also, debate?? Wow, I wish I was good at that xD I hate arguing with others.. xD

    • Haha yes, debate! I don’t think my parents were too happy that I got more logical while arguing with them!

  • My one goal to run more over the summer is my main goal too. I like the freeing feeling you can get from running… usually after the pain subsides LOL. All great summer goals!

    • Haha this made me laugh so hard! I’m the same way! I love the way a good run feels!

  • I love all of these goals. One of my favorite parts of summer is shopping at the farmer’s market and eating outside. I love the sun and it just makes me want to be healthier!

    • Honestly, the outdoors makes me want to live off the land somedays! I always imagine myself being this free-spirited new age hippie… but then I really like my Starbucks and Nordstrom, as well as coffee!

  • Catching the sunset is one of the things I really try to do in the summer. I always find it so calming!

  • These are all wonderful goals! I want to start walking more this summer.

  • Great list! I love eating outside and sunset walks!

    • Eating outside is so refreshing after being cooped up here in the north!

  • I love this list! We definitely try to do more walks – although ours are at night because it’s so hot and humid here in Houston during the day.

    • Our are at night too, it gets pretty hot in Boston (but not as hot as it does in Houston I’m sure!)

  • Totally my goals as well! I want to be outside more for sure.


  • These are awesome goals! I’m right there with you on eating more local produce, being more active, and grilling/getting outside! Thankfully I already cook almost every night, but I really need to work on my meal planning and budgeting.

    • We cook really often too! We’ve just gotten in a rut so I want to try some new dishes this summer with seasonal produce!

  • Sydney Power

    Sunset walks, yes I just love love love that idea!

  • Love all these! Spending more time outside with friends definitely makes it easier because you aren’t thinking of what you are doing.