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80/20 Rule

Wellness + How to Abide By the 80/20 Rule At Parties

Let me tell you about healthy eating… it did NOT happen this weekend. Our lives are finally starting to calm down for the next month-ish and I’m excited about getting back to our normal healthy eating routine. There are still so many things to celebrate though, so I thought I would share my tricks on how to eat pretty healthy or 80/20, even if you’re spending your summer at events!

80/20 Rule

Eating 80/20 or Mindfully At Parties

As you get older, every event seems to exist around food and alcohol. I’m definitely not complaining, but it does make it hard for us to eat a cleaner diet like we normally do. Today I thought I’d share some times for eating “mindfully” or as I like to call it 80/20 at parties!

1. Eat Your Veggies or Fruit First

Get your fill of veggies and fruits before you start to eat any dessert or appetizer that’s less healthy! It will most likely help you feel full, and they’re normally cut smaller so you can snack on them for awhile without feeling like you’re missing out!

2. Protein Protein Protein

Another great way to help yourself feel full is to eat foods with lots of protein. Think meat (but not in alot of sauce), nuts, nut butter and some hummus!

80/20 at Parties

3. Drink a Glass of Water Between Every Other Drink

You should really be doing this whenever you drink alcohol, but do as I say not as I do. Have your drinks, but be sure to hydrate. it will also keep you more full!

4. Let Yourself Have Small Portions of Your Favorites

This is the 20 part of this rule, eat a little bit of everything you like! There is no reason to “deprive yourself.” How ever don’t go ham on that stuff, and be sure to eat it after you’ve had your fill of veggies and fruit!

5. Don’t Drink A lot of Sugary Drinks

Don’t get me wrong, I love a summer sangria just as much as the next girl, but try to stick to beer (which may fill you up faster) or a liquor with club soda. Have a glass of the sugary drink, but only one. The sugar is really bad for your metabolism, but this is the 20 of the 80/20 rule!

80/20 Rule

6. Bring the Healthy Food

This isn’t always the easiest, but offer to bring the veggie or fruit plate or a great appetizer that you’re really good at! That way you know that there is something healthy to eat at the party.

7. Eat Before Hand

Instead of hoping there’s healthy food, or if it’s a late night party, eat before hand! Make sure it’s packed with protein to keep you fuller longer and has some carbs to soak up the alcohol is you think you might be drinking a lot.

8. Enjoy Being Social

This may seem weird, but try to enjoy just talking to your friends, playing games, or heck even hanging out with the host’s pet. Be mindful of if you’re snacking just for the action, instead of because you’re hungry.

This one is personally really hard for me, but I’m getting better!



The biggest thing to remember is that you shouldn’t feel guilty for eating more than you think you should. Your body will be okay.

If you’re really looking to establish habits, I would just remember that it’s okay to indulge but think of how your body feels when you indulge. You can still have lots of fun without the copious amounts of sugar!


How do you remember to eat healthy?



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  • Great tips! I am so bad at drinking water between drinks but I really should get better at that.

    • Sometimes I don’t always practice what I preach so I understand!

  • Drinking water in between drinks is so important! I never get hangovers and I’m 90% sure it’s because I do this.

    Lauren //

  • I usually let myself indulge at parties because it’s not something I do regularly haha whoops.

    • Haha I do too! Sometimes though we have a really busy month, and indulging becomes everyday and I need to watch myself!

  • thesophiadiaries

    didn’t even know that was such a rule xD but these are all great tips!

  • mckenna bleu

    These are all great tips for being at a party and watching your drinking!

  • I usually find myself eating the whole cheese board at parties and then filled with regret the next day. 😁

    Prerana |

    • OMG Same! Cheese is my BFF, I eat it all the time. But too much cheese isn’t the best for my gut haha. I also love anything sweet!

  • These are great party tips!! Thanks for sharing

  • Those are great tips!! It can be so hard to be mindful when youre in a social situation but it’s so important.

    • Agreed, I wrote this post mostly as a reminder to myself!

  • Tori Dunlap

    Veggies first is such a good tip (that I have major issue following!) haha
    Tori || Victori Media

    • I love raw veggies so it’s not normally that hard for me, depending on it there is buffalo chicken dip there or not!

  • Amy

    Super helpful post! Life is all about balance!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • #7 makes me think of that scene in Gone with the Wind when Hattie McDaniel made Vivien Leigh eat before going to the BBQ! It’s actually a fool-proof way to make sure you don’t overeat/eat stuff you’ll regret later!

    • Oh my gosh I totally remember that scene! I totally agree haha! I love Gone with the Wind, I’ve read & watched it like 100 times!