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What’s A Blonde & A Briefcase? After graduating college early, I realized that there just wasn’t one place to go for “adulting” advice. Some blogs covered some topics, but not one blog covered everything. The advice that was out there wasn’t comprehensive and didn’t “dumb it” down step by step for me.

This blog tries to cover everything young adults run into and you’ll be getting the advice that my friends get. The advice is taken step by step, and I try to explain as much as possible.  You will get recommendations, some advice, and if I don’t have to answer, I’ll direct you to someone who does. There’s nothing on this blog that I wouldn’t do, wear or try myself. Join me as we take on post-grad life with some wine, some tears, and some laughter along the way!


About-2Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m the creator and author of A Blonde & A Briefcase. I’m a Midwestern transplant living in Boston with my (new) husband Matt. I’m an avid Packers fan who believes you can never have too many tacos, glasses of wine or good books. You can find me with a cup of coffee and something to read in my hand or with a good friend at the local taco joint.

My girlfriends might actually be my soulmates, but I’m so excited to be married to my favorite person. I’m constantly attempting to convince him that getting a cocker spaniel is a good idea and that we should definitely get desert.

Before this blog, I blogged at Purple & Pearls, where you might have found some great college content.

During the day I’m a publicist, and am a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. I have too many pairs of shoes, and enjoy going to bed early rather than sleeping in late.

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