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2018 Goals

Adulting + 2018 Goals: Personal & Blog

Can you believe that it’s 2018? This past year was full of so much change, but also a lot of really great moments. I’m more than ready for this new year, especially because I started it off with the stomach flu. After that, we had a “bomb cyclone” hit and finally, it was so cold the air hurt my face. It’s safe to say that after being cooped up in our apartment, I’m ready for the warm weather we’re supposed to be getting. I didn’t have any (alone) time to work on my 2018 goals while we were home.

At least on Saturday, we put away our Christmas decorations, organized, and cleaned the entire apartment. It feels so good knowing that we’re starting the new year off with a clean slate.

2018 Goals

You’re probably thinking, Ashley, the new year started 7 days ago. But that first week of the year is honestly the worst most of the time. After the holidays you’re feeling down a bit, maybe even sluggish from how much you ate. It’s a bad time to start your goals because you’re not at your best and not back to a routine (even if you’re changing it). Instead, starting the second week, or even the first day of February is better.

There’s nothing magical about January 1st, you’re able to start whenever, you can make a change whenever you’d like!

Now that we’ve gotten into the background and the motivation part, let’s get into the goals portion of this post. My word this year is progress. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, and this year is all about making progress on them. It’s about progress, not perfection!

2018 Goals

2018 Goals – Personal

Read 24 Books

This is probably a small number for most of you, but I’ve really fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to reading. Two books a month is a good goal for me, and you should be my friend on GoodReads so that we can follow each others’ goals!

I’ve already finished a book, and have started off my second one. They’ll be a mix of fiction, self-help, biographies, and non-fiction. Let me know if you have any recommendations below!

Do Something With Friends 2x a Month

My social life is not what it used to be, and that’s because I’ve been looking for a way to push myself to be social again! I’ve met a really great group of ladies this fall, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with other friends who I fell out of touch with thanks to a hectic fall.

Spend Less Time on My Phone

Y’all I am addicted to my phone, and it needs to stop. I really don’t need to be scrolling aimlessly anymore. In order to stop spending time on my phone, I’m going to be making myself adhere to “phone free” hours. Also, during the workday, I’m going to try to only look at my phone at lunch.

If you’d like to do this with me, here’s my plan for right now:

-No phone until after 6:30 am (I get up at 5:30ish)

-No phone from 8:30 to 10:30 at least

-No phone from 1:30-4

-No phone from 6-8

-Phone put away at 9:00

Am I crazy? Maybe. This might be too ambitious. But I really don’t like how attached I am, and I’m trying to break the habit.

Journal for the Entire Year

I have a Write the Word journal, and then a One-Line-A-Day journal as well. The goal is to do my Write the Word journal weekly, and the One-Line-A-Day journal daily so that I can get back to writing more.

It’s our first year of marriage, and a lot of other things, so I want to be able to document the progress made!

Run a 5k and Do 30 Push-Ups by August 31st

With no upper body strength or long distance endurance, these are pretty big goals for me. I seriously can barely do 10 modified pushups.

I’m going to start running again in March (working up to building endurance until then), and I’m hoping to run a 5k in August.

For push-ups, I’m hoping to start doing them almost daily, and that it will start to become easier. If not, I’ll look up a training program!

2018 Goals – Blog

Grow My Pinterest

Pinterest is such a great place, and I want other people to find my content this way! I’m going to be using Tailwind to achieve this goal at first.

Use Facebook Ads

This is a great place to reach people as well, and I’ve had some success. I don’t think it’s wrong to use them, especially with some pieces that are especially popular here!

Grow My Instagram

You all seem to really like it when I post almost every day, but I don’t always have the ability to that and create content for the blog. So every other 2 weeks or so, I’ll post daily for 2 weeks and then a little less frequently the 2 weeks after that. It’ll repeat and we’ll see how you like it!

Post 10x A Month

Going from post 2 times a week, I want to also post some more special and spontaneous content. 10 times a month is a minimum, but I’m really hoping to make it, even more, each month. But as usual quality>quantity.

Start With My Newsletter Again

I love getting certain newsletters in my inbox, and I hope to create something for all of you that is like that!


So there are my 2018 goals, and I hope that they are able to help you with your own goals. I love to share things like this because I want people to know that ordinary young women can make and achieve all of their goals. There is also the ability to learn from all of them!

If you have any of your own goals, I’d love to hear about them!



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