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Summer Commute

Adulting + Your 5 Summer Commute Essentials

This post is being written in hopes that soon Boston will be getting consistent warm weather (it’s been so up and down it’s a little annoying). One of the biggest differences that I noticed when we moved out here was how much hotter I got commuting to work. If you live in a bigger city or have to drive a bit to get to work, your summer commute maybe a lot hotter than other times during the year. I figured out that my commute is so much hotter in Boston than in Wisconsin because I’m surrounded by so many more sweaty people, and I’m outside longer. (Instead of driving for 4 minutes and then walking 40 feet to an air conditioned building).

That being said, my usual needs in the fall, winter, and spring for my commute change as the temps start to get higher!

Summer Commute


5 Summer Commute Essentials

1. A Big Water Bottle

This may seem like a no-brainer, but with how hot it is going to and from work you really need to up your intake of fluids. I have a water bottleĀ that holds about 16 ounces, but recently just bought a Nalgene in order to have even more water on me at all times. Fill up your water bottle before you leave, and have a goal of drinking at least 16-20 ounces on your summer commute so that you arrive at work hydrated and not sluggish from over-heating.

2. Extra Deodorant

I’m saying it, deodorant in the summer should be reapplied almost as often as you should reapply sunscreen. Buy a smaller version of your favorite deodorant, or keep a full-sized one in your desk. You’ll be thankful when you get to work and can reapply after sweating through your first application!

3. Comfy Shoes That Breathe

Winter requires warm shoes that keep your feet dry. While in summer it’s all about having commuting shoes that are comfortable but also let your feet breathe without making them super sweaty and smelly. For me personally that means a pair of really comfy sandals, or a pair of breathable tennis shoes.

Essentials for Your Summer Commute

4. A Good Book or Podcast

One of my summer wellness goals is to spend more time not looking at a television, and one of these ways was to read and listen to podcasts more. This book is on my beach/travel list, while this podcast is so fun for me to listen to! If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

5. Cute Sunglasses

Here’s my confession, I can never spend more than like $20 on sunglasses because I know I will misplace them for months, lose them, or ruin them somehow. However, I know that cute sunglasses help you stop squinting, hide those eye bags after a night of binge watching, and let you stare at cute people. Pick up a pair that you only keep in your work bag so you don’t have to worry about losing any!

Target is by far my favorite place to find cute sunglasses, and I’ve listed a few below!

These are my tips and tricks, do you have any? I’ll willing to be hot during my commute in order for the weather to be nice enough for patio brunches and lake days!



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  • Audrey Knizek

    I’m starting a new job on Monday and the thing I’m not looking forward to is the commute! Podcasts are essential to driving in the car, as well we sunglasses! Have to keep those eyes protected šŸ™‚

    • Congrats on the new job! Podcasts are great, my fiance got me hooked last summer! I can never keep up because I always find more!

  • I’m going to start commuting for the first time next week, so these tips are perfect! I also never spend more than $20 on sunglasses because I always end up breaking them. I usually get mine from Nordstrom for like $12-$15!

    Hannah | the swirl |

    • OOO I need to check out Nordstrom! I would seriously recommend podcasts!

  • Whitney H

    Target is my go-to for cheap, cute sunglasses! Water is definitely key for a summer commute for sure. Great post!

    • Thank you! I love Target, it’s like my personal paradise!

  • Adriana

    I love your essentials!! A big water bottles and cute sunnies are musts, and great for road trips too!

    • LOVE road trips. I usually drink water to stay awake when I’m driving!

  • These tips are great! I never go anywhere without my water bottle and a book!

    -Sabine |

  • Books on tape and podcasts are seriously the ONLY things that get me through commuting without starting my day like a total grump. Since discovering Audible my life was changed drastically for the better!

    • I should really try audible! I feel like I’m so behind on podcasts that I shouldn’t try audible… but I’m most likely going to!

  • So, I feel like this post was written just for me. THANK YOU! I have been looking on Amazon at those waterbottles and they are like $5 over the price at Target! Crazy!!

    • Ashley Vickney

      Haha SO happy I was able to help! I can’t believe Target was cheaper!

  • I can’t go anywhere without my bottle of water! And the comfy shoes are a must.

    xx, Melissa

    • Ashley Vickney

      SAME. I don’t care how weird it is!

  • A water bottle is on my everyday work essentials list. I drink 2-3 Nalgenes a day!

    • Ashley Vickney

      Me too! I have a huge 32 ounce one now that I keep trying to drink at least 3 of each day!

  • thesophiadiaries

    I couldn’t agree more!! But also the podcast thing <3

    • Ashley Vickney

      LOVE podcast! Perfect!

  • I have that bkr water bottle! I have to actually haha! I loveeee them!

    • Ashley Vickney

      I almost got one of those! I need one with more volume for my longer commutes :)!

  • Elly Leavitt

    yes 10000x yes to the water bottle!! I always lug a big one around with me because the new york metros are so friggin unpredictable and id rather not die of thirst underground lol

  • These are all must haves! I don’t go anywhere without a water bottle haha!