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Books to read Before the New Year

Adulting + Books to Read Before the New Year

Right after you’re done eating all of the Christmas cookies you can get your hands on, you’ll probably start thinking about the new year (if you haven’t already). One of the things I always spend January doing is reading self-help books to help with whatever I have to do. Instead of spending January doing this, I decided to start this January by reading a couple of books I had bought! Here are five books to read before 2018.

These books will help you to create habits to meet your goals, to manage your time better, to pursue your passions, and to be happier where you are.

Books to read Before the New Year


Five Books to Read Before the New Year

You Are a Badass

This is one of my favorite books. It really encouraged me to pursue writing and to also build confidence in myself.

You should read this if you’re looking to tap into your creativity, or if you’re looking to harness your own power.  It’s really a great read to gear up for setting goals for yourself.

Big Magic

This is another one that is great for creatives. My confidence in myself increased because I realized that it won’t come naturally, you have to work for it. Write every day, even when you don’t feel like it. Or read, or run, or paint, or anything every day until you start to get better.

Maybe keep this in your back pocket for 2018, when you need a little creative boost.

168 Hours

This book has been life-changing, and I will be writing an entire post on this in December, but you should read it now. It was one of the most eye-opening reads for me, and I’ve already started to make changes that I will tell you about in a couple of weeks.

This is great for your resolutions because she shows you how to evaluate your time and how to make the best use of it!

Better Than Before

This is a really great read. Gretchen Rubin gives multiple theories on how you can change your habits based on your personality. It’s helped me realize that I’m an Upholder, meaning that I like to do things for internal and external reasons. There are three other types, and she breaks down how you can best motivate yourself.

When coming up with your resolutions, or thinking about new habits, this is a great book to help you best establish them.

Make It Happen

This is by Lara Casey, and one of the best books I’ve read. It made me realize that my life wasn’t just about my career, but about the people in it as well. As someone who is looking to dig deeper into my faith, it made me want to make more time for it. I also looked at making daily, weekly, and monthly goals to help me achieve what I wanted to over the course of a year.

This is great to read before you purchase her Powersheets. It puts them in great perspective and made my power sheets that much more effective.


What books have made a big change in your life? Any of these jump out to you as one to read this month? Let me know what’s on your books to read list!



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