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Fall Date Night Ideas

Adulting + Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall isn’t over yet! There are still a couple of weekends to take advantage of fall fun before it starts to snow. Here are my favorite fall date night ideas, albeit a little late.

Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall Date Night Ideas

1.Take a Fall Foliage Walk In Your Neighborhood

No need to go far away for your own home to enjoy fall. Walk around your neighborhood (or one nearby!) with a hot beverage. Maybe add a little something to your hot apple cider, enjoy the weather and changing colors.

2. Try Different Candy Together

Not the healthiest option, but it’s fun to try each other’s favorite mini versions. Another way is to take turns blindfolding each other and having the blindfolded one guess what candy they were given.

3. Go For a Hike Where You’ve Never Been

One of the best parts of fall is cool enough weather to not sweat to death when you’re hiking. Find a way to get out of the city and go hiking where you’ve never been. Take photos together on an actual camera, or turn your phone on airplane mode and enjoy nature without posting it to social media immediately.

4. Try Fall or “Pumpkin Spice” Foods Together

Every year, companies seem to be coming out with more and more ridiculous pumpkin spice foods. Go to your local grocery store (Trader Joes or your regional chain, most likely NOT Whole Foods, however), and buy as much pumpkin spice or fall foods your date night budget allows for! Pop in a good movie or just hang out and try different foods together!

5. Have a Fall Movie Marathon on a Rainy Day

We love movies in the fall & winter. Curling up on the couch together with popcorn, a hot beverage, and a good movie is the best date I can normally ask for!

Check out these classic fall movies from Town & Country, and curl up with some popcorn and your favorite Halloween candy!

6. Go to Local Breweries

One of our favorite year-round activities is going to local breweries, but we especially love them in the fall! It’s such nice weather to just sit outside ( a little bundled up) and drink our favorite brews. Going for a quick beer after work or after being productive on the weekends is a great way to break up our routine a little bit.

Hopefully, these sparked some fun date night ideas for you and your siginifcant other. Honestly, my best friend and I would do all of these things together, so they also double as great friend date ideas as well!


What do you like to do? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • Prerana, from Broadcloth

    I love a fall movie marathon – especially Halloween movies! Gimme that Hocus Pocus!

    Prerana | Broadcloth

  • Miss ALK

    One of my new friends and I went on a fall hike last weekend and it was SO fun!! I feel like I was definitely better with doing fun fall activities with friends back in Charlotte, but hopefully I can step up my game again next year!! It’s tough living somewhere new!

    xoxo A

    • I couldn’t agree more! We;ve been in Boston for over a year, and I finally feel like I found some good friends here now!

  • Nichole

    I definitely want to try hiking. I’ve never really done it and I think fall is the perfect time to try it!

    Nichole //

  • I’m all about movies during this time of year! It’s perfect time to curl up!

  • Hannah Becker

    Love the brewery idea! We have several in the Kansas City area and agree that fall is an awesome time to visit!

  • These are cute ideas! I wish I could talk a fall foliage walk with a hot beverage– here in Cali it’s more like a crunchy dead dried leaf walk in a tank top 😛 The brewery idea is definitely more our speed!

  • Audrey Knizek

    Oh i love the brewery idea! Breweries are so fun to go to; it’s the perfect time to find a new favorite drink!

  • My boyfriend & I did the movie marathon today as it was so rainy here! Such a fun way to spend the day.

  • These are super cute fall date ideas and you’re right they are just as fun with a bff as with a romantic partner!

  • Tori Dunlap

    I love all of these ideas! I feel like fall has just become pumpkin patches and apple picking, so I love that you put this list together!
    Tori || Victori Media

  • I wish we had foliage here in Houston! But the movie marathon is a good idea.

  • Logan Elizabeth Abbott

    I’m so feeling the hiking and local breweries! Those are my and my boyfriend’s favorite things to do, especially in the fall when the weather gets cooler and the breweries have their seasonal selections out. All of these ideas are great!