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Adulting + Fall Night & Morning Routine

In my usual nosiness, I really love to read how other people get ready in the morning. I’m naturally a morning person, but as the sun rises later and later, I’m already struggling to get up. However, I recently started work earlier, and wanted to share with you my fall night and morning routine that really helps me stay on top of everything going on!

Why are my routines seasonal? It’s got a lot to do with what I’m eating, and how busy I am. September – May are always pretty busy, whereas in the summer the weeks are more relaxed and the weekends are busy! Also in the summer, my motivation to get outside is different than in the middle of the winter. ¬†(Just so y’all don’t think I have a specific routine for each season by the calendar, it’s literally when I start feeling like it. So this fall routine could last until November 1st of February 1st)


Night Routine 

6 pm — Get home from work, normally I’m on the phone with a family member. I check to see if one of us remember to take meat out for dinner (it’s normally no). If not, I’ll take out meat to thaw and change into “after work” clothes.

6:30 pm — Matt gets home and we catch up on what’s going on. Right now it’s normally talking about what wedding stuff happened. We’re so close to the big day that I feel like it’s just a constant conversation.

7:30 pm — Hopefully we’re eating dinner by this point, but if not it means that we’re either cooking it or watching The Office (our current “binge watch” series together!)

8:30 pm — Matt heads off to study in our office, and I do blog or wedding work while watching one of my own shows! I should really be better at working from my desk, but the couch is so comfy!

9:30/10pm — I start to get ready for the next day by assembling my lunch (I’ve been really into snack bowls!), adding milk to my overnight oats, and making sure my bag is packed for the next day. Also, I fill up my large Tervis with water to make sure I have it by my bed at night!

After I do that in the kitchen, I head over to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and do my skincare routine. (This takes 10 minutes max).

10/10:30 pm– I like to read for what usually ends up being a couple of minutes. Also, I like to take the time to think of 3 things I’m grateful for (but right now it’s 5, the more frustrated I am, the more things I list that I’m grateful for). Then lights out!


Morning Routine

5:30 am — Alarm goes off and I just do a quick check of what’s going on. I normally read some of the newsletters I get in my inbox in order to wake up a bit. Currently trying to break this habit buy just getting up right away!

5:35 am — Get dressed to workout. Right now it’s a quick walk around the neighborhood (I’ve been under the weather so no running), yoga or an arm workout.

6:10 am — Shower and get dressed for the day.

6:40 am — Put my overnight oats into the microwave, and turn on the Keurig.

6:45 am — Eat breakfast while I read blogs, schedule social media and catch up on news

7:15 am — Finish getting ready by blow drying my hair, brushing my teeth, and putting on my make-up.

7:40 am — Pack my work bag with my lunch, water bottle, coffee, laptop, and chargers.

7:45 am — Leave for the T!

How to Set Up Your Own Routine

1. Figure out what you can do the night before to make the morning faster

2. Get up at the same time every morning

3. Try to go to bed within the same 30 minutes at night

4. Create time to do things that you enjoy every day!


What do your daily routines look like? Anything you need to work on?



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  • Lauren Scorzafava

    These are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
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