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Enjoy Spring As An Adult

Adulting + How to Enjoy Spring As An Adult

Mother nature graced us with a little nicer weather than she has for the past week here in Boston, and it immediately made we want to through our windows open and deep clean with the fresh spring air (What is wrong with me?). This is been one of my major adulting moments, and I’m actually quite proud of myself. Unfortunately my allergies have gotten the better of me and I haven’t done that yet.

Also spring is my least favorite season. It’s muddy, wet and all over the place when it comes to weather. But one of my goals this years was to be more intentional so I decided to create a guide to enjoy spring .

Enjoy Spring As An Adult

1.  Buy a New Outfit

This may seem silly, but I love buying a new pair of jeans, a cute top, and a pair of spring shoes in order to get myself psyched to put away my sweaters and boots.

2. Walk Around Your Neighborhood Before Dinner

With more daylight, you can get outside after work and see what’s changed in your neighborhood over the long winter! We’re moving in a couple of weeks, so I’m looking forward to exploring our new neighborhood! If you don’t want to do it in your neighborhood, consider doing it in a new neighborhood or around where you work!

3. Grab Something Green for Your Home 

Take advantage of the warmer weather to plant some flowers, veggies or herbs! Some herbs can be grown year round, and who doesn’t love fresh tomatoes from your own garden (Yes I know tomatoes are technically a fruit). Even if you don’t have a lot of space, bring the outside in to enjoy spring!

4. Plan a Summer Getaway

Even if it’s a day trip to a neighboring tourist attraction, try to plan something to look forward to this summer. We’ve got a camping trips in the works, and I’m hoping to rent a car to go somewhere for a day trip as well!

5. Deep Clean Your Home 

Ashley puh-lease this doesn’t sound like fun. But really, it is. Turn on your favorite show to binge watch or Ed Sheeran’s new album and get to it! You’ll love how great everything looks, and it’ll be great to brag on Instagram that you adulted. Here are some ideas of what to do:

  1. Go through your closet, throw out anything you haven’t worn in 2 years.
  2. Go through your junk drawer, through out anything you really don’t need
  3. Wash your windows and mirrors
  4. Make your bed
  5. Dust (EVERYTHING)
  6. Clean out your mug collection
  7. Sweep and wash your floors
  8. Pick up all the random bobby pins/hair ties you have lying around
  9. Organize your shoes and coats (hopefully well be putting them away soon)
  10. Go through your jewelry and at least make it look organized. Bonus points if it’s pretty
  11. Take all your dishes out of the cabinets and wipe down the shelves

Now take a picture, call your mom, and enjoy the relaxing after-cleaning feeling.

6. Host a Brunch 

One of my favorite things to do is have people over. I love cooking food, chatting, and drinking beverages with new and old friends.  Brunch is fun because you can still get up a little later to prepare, and people leave early enough for you to go to bed at a decent time (read: 10 pm). Grab some tulips, your favorite egg bake recipe, and ask your friends to bring some fresh fruit, pastries and you’ve got yourself a brunch. Don’t forget the fixings for bloody mary’s and mimosas!

7. Just Stay Inside Until It’s Over 70 Degrees Everyday

Let’s be honest, this is most likely what I’ll do.  I’ll try to love spring, but why teach an old (22 year old) dog new tricks?


What are your favorite parts about spring? Anything I missed that you love to do? Which of these 7 are you going to do to love spring?




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