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Gilmore Girls

Adulting + How to Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival

ITS ALMOST GILMORE GIRLS TIME. I repeat this is not a drill, this is ACTUALLY happening. I love Gilmore Girls, more than tacos, Reese’s and navy. In case you were wondering, that’s a lot.

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls as long as I can remember, and have now binge-watched it multiple times(thanks Netflix). My friend Tom and I have been obsessively texting, sharing and tweeting about the show. Here are some great ways to celebrate the return of our favorite, fast talking mother-daughter duo.


Gilmore Girls

Host a Viewing Party

After all your black Friday shopping is done, gather your fellow Gilmore enthusiasts and  watch all four episodes together! Here are some fun ideas and essentials for the best viewing party!


  1. Twinkies
  2. Poptarts
  3. Coffee
  4. Pizza
  5. Doughnuts
  6. Tacos
  7. Indian Food
  8. Chinese take-out
  9. Oreos
  10. Red Vines (not Twizzlers)
  11. Cheese puffs
  12. Gummy bears
  13. Mallomars
  14. Burgers (preferably from your local diner a la Luke’s)
  15. Hot cocoa.
  16. Dirty Martini
  17. Mac & Cheese
  18. Pizza Rolls
  19. Hot Pockets
  20. Any other kind of junk food that could put you in a food coma.

A friendly reminder that I’m really into eating healthy, but having our favorite mother/daughter duo is not a time for veggies.



Pick Teams

We all know that the revival will include all three of Rory’s boyfriends, and true Gilmore Girls’ fans are have a very . (Personally I’m Team Rory, but secretly Team Logan). A really great idea that my friend Tom had was to make t-shirts, and wear them during the revival!

Grab any colored t-shirt, some letters or puffy paint and go to town! I dragged Matt to Michael’s to pick up supplies and made mine during the football game! You can make them before hand, or right before you watch!

Side Note: When buying iron on letters, make sure you own an iron or at least glue. 

Watching It Alone

If you’re hundreds of miles away from your Gilmore Girls lovers, fear not. There are so many ways to connect with fellow fans!

Live Tweet:

Don’t tweet any spoilers, maybe queue them up in your Buffer account, but tweet to your heart’s content! (But remember we aren’t tweeting the last four words of the series) Use hashtag #GilmoreGirls and I’ll comment! We can watch together!


Text Your Fellow Fans

One of Matt’s friends from college, Tom, and I have bonded over a lot of things, and one of them is definitely Gilmore Girls. Any and all Gilmore Girl news warranted a Facebook tag or post, a text, a tweet, and even a message. Gather your friends and start a group message on Facebook or text!

Don’t Forget the Food

Reference said list above. Just because you’re by yourself does not mean you can’t eat. So grab those Thanksgiving left overs, raid your pantry, and dig in!


How are you watching the revival? Any  fun plans? What are you most looking forward to? Seriously thought this is like better than my birthday.



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