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Rockland Trust Great Relationships

Adulting + Important Relationships with Rockland Trust.

Thank you, Rockland Trust for sponsoring today’s blog post. As always, all views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Today I’m really excited to share with you the wonderful relationships that I have with my grandparents with Rockland Trust. Moving half a country away from my grandparents has honestly been pretty hard. All of my grandparents are right around 70, which is really lucky for me!

Being able to spend quality time with my grandparents and learn from them has been one of the biggest blessings of my life! I know how lucky I am to have this close of a relationship. Originally, I was going to write about one of my grandparents, but couldn’t choose just one.

Instead, I’m going to share lessons that I’ve learned from my relationship all four of my grandparents! 

 Rockland Trust Great Relationships

Grandma Jann

This is my mom’s mom, she makes my favorite food ever, lefsa, and taught me how to sing “Santa Baby” while my parents were at the hospital with my little brother. She’s taught me how to bake and is always there to make us comfort foods like spiral mac and cheese. My grandma is one of the strongest women I know and has always found a way to be there for her loved ones. Not only is she there when I need a Thanksgiving stuffing recipe, she’s also there for some of the best career advice I’ve ever received. In fact, I’ve shared some here on the blog!

This holiday season, I’m actually planning on spending the day with my grandma to learn how to make lefsa, so that our kids can have it every holiday season like I did growing up.

Rockland Trust, The Most Important Relationship

Papa and I!

Papa Don (or Donnie ;))

If you know me, you know that I can act way too serious for my age. Thankfully, I’ve got my papa. Even as a little kid, he taught me how to have fun. From playing king on the mountain (on a pile of rocks), mistaking a possum for a moose, skipping rocks at the playground, and always getting popcorn at the movie theater, I have countless memories of doing kid things with my papa. He always has orange soda for us, and we still go to see movies together, this time with Matt and his brother!

My papa has also taught me the importance of family and hard work. He doesn’t sit still well, and I’m really proud of how much he’s accomplished. He retired as a teacher, but that’s not where he started. As a teacher, he touched countless students’ lives, and my grandparents are still getting announcements from his students.

Rockland Trust: Your Most Important Relationship

My Grandma Jann & Papa tearing up the dance floor!


Grandma Jan

Yes, you read that correctly, both of my grandmas are named Jan(n). What a happy coincidence! Happy, that’s definitely one word to describe my grandma. She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met, but also one of the strongest. She’s always there for us grandkids with a compliment and a smile. Even though she has 10 grandkids, she can tell you what’s going on with each and every one of us, and a different reason why we’re all her favorite. She’s always there when I need a healthy swap and always shares her kitchen tips with me.

My grandma is one of my favorite people to just sit and talk to, and I love learning about her childhood. She is a reminder to be kind to people, and that relationships are important! On Facebook, she’s always so kind and responsive, and has gotten to know my in-laws. I always try to think of her when I have a hard time being nice to someone.

My most important relationships 

Grandpa Bob

You’re probably thinking, why do you have two different names for your grandpas, but not your You’re grandmas who have the same name? Well, toddlers rarely make sense. My grandpa is an incredible man, he was a truck driver for many years and retired as a union agent. Seeing where he started, and the family that he worked hard to support has always inspired me to work hard. He has such a big heart and cares for so many people. I’ve also learned how important it is to stay active in your community, and being willing to stand up for your views.

My grandpa is a force of nature, and I’m so proud of what he’s built for our family. He’s instilled in us a strong sense of family and is always there when we need him.

The one big lesson all my grandparents have taught me? That being involved in your community, and supporting local businesses is important. I’ve banked locally since I was 15, and am so lucky that they’ve taught me the importance of supporting American, local businesses.

Since I value my relationships with my grandparents, and they value their relationships with their communities, I really value local banks who value their relationships. Just like Rockland Trust here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts has shown their appreciation for their customers that rivals my appreciation for my grandparents. Follow Rockland Trust on Facebook and Instagram  to learn more about their relationships with their customers!







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