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Lifestyle – Early Fall Activities

It is almost fall y’all, and it is my favorite time of the year! There is so much to do, and honestly the clothes are just a lot cuter. I’ve been waiting to bust out my fall favorites since September 1st. That being said, I thought I would give you some activities to do before the temperatures drop even further!

Early Fall


Hiking/Camping – Its the perfect time of year because it’s not too hot for a bonfire or hiking, but you don’t need a ton of layers to stay warm. The colors are just about to change,it’ll be beautiful!

Bonfire/Stargazing – One of my favorite activities in high school, we used to have bonfires and then lay out and talk under the stars. Even if you can’t get a bonfire going, grab some blankets, some of your friends and find a place to lay out and watch the night sky!

Long drive – With the colors changing, and the weather still semi warm, take a long drive in the country. Get out of your city and make some time to stop for pictures, snacks and fun attractions. For food, think trail mix, fruit and sandwiches. It can be really fun to play tourist in your own area.

Attend a fall football game – Whether it’s high school, college or professional going to a game is one of my favorite fall activities! There’s something about sitting in a stadium and watching America’s favorite sport. Early fall is perfect because it’s not too cold (if you haven’t sensed a theme here yet) and there are generally less injuries!


Binge watch – Favorite shows should be starting soon, so curl up with your favorite blanket and a PSL to watch the older seasons of your favorite show!

Decorate for fall – Find some cute mini pumpkins, a festive print and some fun garland and decorate a part of your space! It’s a fun way to get in the fall spirit. (Check out my autumn board for some inspiration)

Build a fort – Grab some fun snacks, blankets, pillows and a good book. Curl up with your favorite person for an afternoon of pretending like you’re 8 again. It’s a fun way to create memories with each other. Get creative with your fort making, and invite some friends to enjoy the ride.


These are some of my favorite early fall activities! What are some of yours? Any fun traditions?

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