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How to Stay Present This Holiday Season

Adulting + Four Ways to Stay Present This Holiday Season

Thought this post is well-timed with the first official holiday of the season, and it’s important to think of how you’re going to spend quality time with your loved ones. It’s fun to be around your people and taking photos, doing funny filters, but it’s also important to spend some of that time away from your phone in order to stay present.

Here are four ways to stay present this holiday season, so that you have memories of your loved ones instead of your Instagram.

How to Stay Present This Holiday Season

Four Ways to Stay Present This Holiday Season

1. Bring Along A Camera That Isn’t Your Phone

This may be something that doesn’t happen that often, but if you’re worried about missing out on photos, considering find your old point and shoot camera, or borrow one to bring with so you can still take photos without being on your phone.

The fun part about this is being able to look at the photos later, and sharing them isn’t really that hard! You might even get better quality photos this way. Your friends on Facebook will be just as excited to see your photo the next day, it doesn’t need to be posted right away.

2. Put Your Phone Away

The snaps from your friends or texts from your significant other can wait an hour. Try to put it in your purse or coat for an hour. If you’re expecting a call from someone trying to get to where you are, put your phone on high sound for your calls or texts.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram don’t require you to update in real time. Snapchat can wait for a couple of hours, seriously. I have to physically put my phone away because it’s a really bad addiction if I have it in my hands. Don’t even tempt yourself, and enjoy indulging in something even better, mashed potatoes.

3. Talk To Your Relatives/Friends

How are you supposed to know traditions if you don’t actually learn them? Take the time to ask your older relatives what the holidays were like growing up. Talk to your grandma about her grandma, and your uncle who married into the family about his traditions.

Take some time to chat with your cousins about their lives, and ask them about their jobs, significant others, etc. I know that families can be hard, and you might have a super weird cousin. Showing a little love and compassion might be just what they need. Also, you’ll probably have some really great stories to tell.

Get to know your friend’s significant other, or ask one about how their family or job is doing. Connect with people outside

If all else fails, consider playing a board or card game! My family really enjoys card games, and Matt’s family regularly plays sheepshead. It’s a good way to get everyone doing something together.

4. Still, Take Time to Connect With Loved Ones Not There

For Thanksgiving, Matt and I won’t be with family. Instead, we’ll take the time to FaceTime and call our family. This is a great use of technology, and something I’m honestly really thankful for! Texts are great ways to let people know you’re thinking of them.

Do this when you have downtime, like if you’re in the car or while everyone is getting ready. Take advantage of the quiet moments to connect with those not there!

Bonus Tip: Take a couple of moments throughout the day to look around, take a deep breath, and take a mental picture of what’s going on. It will help you remember the holidays for years to come!

At the end of the day, this is a great time to be with your friends and your family (blood or chosen). For years to come, you’ll remember what happened at your family Thanksgiving, or your annual Christmas party with your friends in 2017. You won’t be sorry that you stepped away from social media.

What do you do to stay present during the holidays?



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