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Celebrate Valentine's Day

Holiday + How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Yep, it’s already time to think of what you’re doing for Valentine’s day. I know that everyone says they don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s day because you should show your love every single day and a commercialized holiday shouldn’t be the only day.

I get it, I feel you, I understand. But sometimes, in the dead of winter, in the middle of a busy life, we all need some pink, red, sugar, and love injected into our lives. If you’re celebrating with your love, or with friends, I think it’s important to take moment and celebrate love. Love your friends, and the people in your life this week.

Here are some really fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you’re by yourself.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Celebrate Valentine's Day

Movie, Wine, & Popcorn

This is probably how I will be spending my Valentine’s day! You and your sweetheart can pick a movie, or you can organize a group of girlfriends to watch a movie. It’s basic, but that’s because it works! Watch a really funny movie or a thriller, it doesn’t need to be sappy or romantic!

Game Night

This one is just really fun! Every once in a while Matt and I forgo watching something on our TV, and play a game instead! Have a really fun night with wine, your favorite Valentine’s Day candy, and a couple of your favorite games. Personally, we like to play Sequence, but Monopoly is on the agenda soon!


Celebrate Valentine's Day


Cook Dinner At Home

Make it a fancy steak meal, or mac and cheese. Honestly, Valentine’s Day can be all about your favorite comfort food. Pour yourself a glass of something, put on your favorite music, and whip up your favorite food. This can mean in the microwave too.

Spa Night

Throw on a facemask with your best friends (or your significant other), take a bath, or do your nails. Even if this means doing it with your normal TV routine!

Take Out Party

Have you ever done this? If you’re with a group of people, or just one, you order take-out/delivery from two or more places. Order your favorites, or things you’ve never eaten before. It’s fun to set it all out and take what you like. Celebrate Valentine’s Day like this, and you might get extra discounts!

I hope this gave you lots of fun ideas for Valentine’s Day! I know that it is a weird holiday for some, but I really encourage you to spend some time celebrating all of the love in your life.



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