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Christmas Traditions

Holiday + Christmas Traditions

Christmas to me is full of Christmas traditions, and I’m a stickler for them, let me tell you. Since moving away for college, I’ve still had an advent calendar, celebrated St. Nicks, and watched White Christmas each season. I try to convince people to go look at lights with me, and love to spend time just walking/driving around to look at decorations.

Today I thought I would share some Christmas Traditions that Matt and I have between our two families. Right now we’re in a weird place that we still go home for Christmas, so we don’t have a lot of Christmas Eve/Day traditions that are just our own. Once we start to have kids or get our own house, we’re hoping to have more traditions that are our own.

I love traditions, and wanted to share ours with you!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Advent Calendars

This is an everyday tradition and one that can be done for little money. We picked up our advent calendars at Trader Joe’s for under $5 each. It’s so fun to have a little treat every day, and it makes the countdown fun too! There are lots of different types of advent calendars, like alcohol ones where you get a new type to try each day of Advent!

You can DIY these, but it’s an easy way to celebrate the season.

St. Nick’s

I’ve explained this a little more in this post, but this is a holiday that is celebrated a little differently in each family. For Matt and I, we’ve kind of combined our traditions by getting each other candy and some small gifts the morning of December 6th. It’s a fun way to celebrate a tradition we both had growing up!

Gingerbread House Building

This was a tradition that we started last year with a build your own gingerbread house from Trader Joe’s. It’s a fun evening activity for the two of us. Matt is an actuary but isn’t accredited yet, which means that he has to take 10 tests, some courses and a few other things in order to get accredited. He often spends most of his free time studying, and this is a great break for both of us.

Sugar Cookie Decorating

Growing up, my mom and Matt’s mom would bake lots of cookies for the holiday season! We don’t do a lot because it’s just the two of us and we don’t need the sugar, but it’s still really fun. We make sugar cookies with cut-outs, and then decorate with powdered sugar and milk homemade frosting!

Watching White Christmas & It’s A Wonderful Life

White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie to watch with my family. Since we aren’t home a lot to watch it with my family, Matt endures watching it with me during the holiday season! At home, we watch It’s A Wonderful Life with my family, and it’s always fun to sit down together!

Tools in Your Stocking

A really fun tradition that Matt’s family has is that you get a different tool in your stocking each year. He comes from a family of all boys, but I’m low-key excited to get my first tool this year.

Breakfast Christmas Morning

This is my favorite part of Christmas morning, the breakfast! My papa makes rolls, and we have hot dogs, with more lefsa (a Scandinavian treat) and of course stocking candy. It’s to the point where I would rather eat breakfast than any other meal on Christmas Day.

An Ornament in Your Christmas Stocking

Not sure who started this tradition on either of our sides, but we both get ornaments from our families on Christmas morning. I think that it’s such a fun way to remember Christmases by. Whenever we decorate our tree, we end up talking about where we got an ornament, or what happened the year we got it. I think it’s just such a fun way to celebrate the season!


I have no idea what type of Christmas traditions Matt and I will have for our new family, but I’m excited to see how we mesh our traditions from our childhood!


What are your Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments below!




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