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Gift Guides for Your Parents

Holiday + Gift Guide for Parents & In-laws

One of the hardest parts of Christmas is buying gifts for your parents. They deserve month-long vacations and fancy spa gifts, but your budget doesn’t quite allow for that. When you throw your significant other’s parents into the mix, it can get even more overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to put together this simple gift guide for your parents and in-laws, so you can treat them this holiday season!

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Gift Guides for Parents & In-Laws

Gift Guides for Your Parents



Gift Guide for Your Mom & Mother-in-Law

Gift Guide for Your Mother

Scarves// While I tend to gravitate towards scarves because hello portable warmth, I think they’re a great gift. I don’t like to buy expensive ones myself, so last year I got my mom a really beautiful cashmere one that she could use year-round! It’s the perfect way to keep your mom warm and looking fabulous.
Hand Lotion// Personally, my mom uses Chanel as her perfume, so this Chanel hand creme is perfect. I know it’s something she wouldn’t buy herself. Also, I’ve heard awesome things about this L’Occitane lotion, and it’s a lower price point.
Travel Essentials// Since we moved out to Boston, I selfishly love it when our parents come to visit. It’s a lot of one-on-one time we never get when we’re home because of other family things.  One not so subtle way to get them to visit more is to buy them things so they can travel to us in style. The Sole Society bag is a big hit with my mom and the Euro card holder is perfect for them to switch purses without worrying about losing credit cards.
Fresh Facemasks// Treat your mom! A lot of the times they don’t take the time to, so give them a reason to take self-care time. These Fresh Facemasks are a big hit and they should last them throughout most of the year!
Blanket// Is anyone else’s mom always cold? This blanket is basically a large sweater. Kohls often has sales (it’s on sale right now!) and is a great spot to find home goods!
Leather Gloves// These gloves are warm and perfect for moms who don’t want to wear ski gloves during the winter. They’re chic and something most moms wouldn’t spend the money on.
Simple Necklace// Actually can we just add this to my list? It’s a really gorgeous necklace that isn’t that expensive ($48!) and is perfect for your mom to wear every day, and think of you, her favorite child!
This best thing to keep in mind this holiday season is to buy something with a little bit of thought, and your mom is going to love it. Why? Because she either gave birth to you or has treated you like she did your entire time together. For your mother-in-law? Try to get her something she’ll like, and don’t be afraid to interrogate your partner and their siblings on what she likes. Asking questions is the best way to get background information on what she might like. Also, ask your partner before buying the gift, just in case they forgot to tell you something (like they hate the smell of lavender, or their other parent gets them something similar every year).
Now on to good ol’ dad!

Gift Guide for Your Dad & Father-in-Law

Gift Guide for Your Dad


Shirts// Almost every dad I know needs a nice button down shirt. Whether it be for work or a nice date night, they’re essential. These shirts are nice, and a little more expensive then they might spend on themselves.

Football Pullover// Find your dad or father-in-law’s favorite football team, and grab them this nice pull-over. It’s perfect for the winter months and nice enough to wear to a lot of companies’ “causal” work days. PS This is under $100, and if you watch Kohl’s sales long enough, I’m sure it’ll be even cheaper!

Dopp Kit// Parents fairly often forget to update important items, and a Dopp kit is one of those. Get them a nice updated one that will last awhile. Also, this one is reasonably priced at $30!

Slippers// My dad wears his slippers until they have holes, they’re always on his feet starting in the fall! These are really nice, and warm!

Leather Gloves// Same with your mom and MIL, your dad and FIL want to look good. These leather gloves are under $100 and come in different sizes.

Scarf// A couple years ago my dad asked for a nice scarf to wear with his nice winter jacket. Guys get cold too, and who says that men can’t like soft cashmere?

Music Essentials// This speaker and record player are perfect ways for dads to play their favorite music. Anyone else’s dad always put music on while the family plays cards? Ours do, and I know that they’d love either of these!

Coffee Mug// L.L. Bean mugs are going to keep his coffee cold for a very long time, perfect for dads who forget about their coffee. Also, it’s really durable for those dads who might forget their coffee on the top of their cars a couple of times a month.


What do you like to get your parents? Any tried & true gifts for in-laws? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • These are such good suggestions, that Fresh set looks awesome!

  • Nicole Green

    The blanket is my go to! Who doesn’t love a big, fluffy one?!

  • Miss ALK

    I’ve gotten my dad slippers and shirts before- always a good route to go!!

    xoxo A

  • love this! Always forget about the in-laws! The scarf is super cute, i kind of want it lol

    • Haha we go in with my husband’s brothers, but I know eventually we’ll be buying separate gifts! The mom gift guide might as well just be mine lol.

  • Ah, these are such great ideas! So simple and yet so practical. I never would have thought about gloves but they really are a nice touch to an outfit and so useful this time of year. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you! i never splurge on gloves, but a nice pair can last years!

  • Such great picks!!! the bag is adorable! so many cut items

  • I love these ideas! I always have trouble shopping for parents and people older than me in general. I mean, what can I give them that they don’t already have or can’t buy for themselves? I have that debate every year. I love that travel bag! Record players are such a good gift idea for anyone.

    • I have such a hard time too! I try to just think of items they might forget to refresh!

  • We’re getting my dad some records and a record player but I haven’t decided on what to get my mom yet.

    • That’s such a good idea! I think moms can be so hard!

  • McKennableu

    L’occiatane is a great choice. Can’t go wrong with that.

  • I love gift guides! Thanks for giving me such great ideas!
    -Carine |

  • That pendant is gorgeous! I kinda want it for myself haha.

  • These are all great suggestions. I always have a hard time finding gifts for my in-laws and parents.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • It’s hard to get adults gifts because they have everything, or they can buy it themselves!

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    Parents & In-Laws are SO hard to buy for. In the past few years, I’ve tried to get my MIL more “experience” gifts instead of just “things” so this year she’s getting a certificate to a local spa for a massage. My FIL is a farmer (like my husband and my dad) so I let my husband pick him out a new tool set or something. It’s not the most fun gift to give, but he loves it every year 🙂

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style