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How to Use Social Media to Further Your Career

Career + How to Use Social Media To Further Your Career

In today’s world, everyone should be on social media. Whether it just be LinkedIn for your career, or Instagram to show off your awesome photography skills, you should use at least one form of social media in business.Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are easily used for personal things and are really built for that! In my opinion, Twitter and LinkedIn should be a young professionals top priority when building an online presence, no matter your occupation.

How to Use Social Media to Further Your Career


What Not to Do: Instagram, Facebook, & Snapchat

To start off, let’s quick talk about Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. All three are really great ways to visually show what’s going one in your life for your loved ones and family. If you’re going to use Instagram professionally, I really recommend checking out Helene from Helene In Between. Her Instagram tricks have honestly helped me a lot with the quality of my content!


If you’re not planning to use your Instagram professionally, and don’t want to show case what you do on the weekends, I suggest making it private! That way you can kind of control who is able to see what you post, and you don’t have to worry about professional contacts viewing it if you don’t want them too. You can control what you post!


Facebook is similar to Instagram, but I’ve found that a lot of my relatives are on Facebook, making it the easiest way to stay in touch with loved ones. I also stay in contact with former bosses and colleagues, as well as professors on Facebook. While I’m comfortable sharing posts where I look silly or have alcohol because I know my audience, I wouldn’t share that Matt and I got into a fight, or very personal problems within my family. If you’re going to have facebook friends outside close friends, be wary of who can see your content. I always ask myself “would I want my grandmother seeing this?” and that definitely helps to curtail what I post!


Last, is Snapchat, the most informal of the social media channels in my opinion. This definitely started off to me as a channel that only a few of my friends were on, and where I’d snap really random and mundane parts of my life. Since I first started using it (like five years ago!) it’s really evolved for me. You’ll see less “pretty” snaps of Matt and I’s daily life, and I’m more likely to talk to my Snapchat about something weird going on. However I’ve made it more private since Instastories launched, and enjoy using it to stay in contact with friends in Wisconsin. Also my friends definitely appreciate that I don’t use it for my blog anymore haha!

I would just make sure that whatever your posting to Snapchat you would kind of be okay getting out on the internet. If you’re going out for a night of fun with friends, maybe delete the app so you aren’t tempted to snap anything that you may not want out there! Also, be sure to make it private so a bunch of weirdos (or your colleagues) can’t add you!

What to Do: LinkedIn & Twitter

Both of these networks can so easily be utilized to establish yourself as someone who is knowledge about their field and wants to make connections.Utilizing these two networks can help you easily establish yourself as a someone who is knowledgeable about their career field, is up to date, and as someone who is willing to educate themselves to stay relevant. While it may not be be very important in the long run, it is important when for the future when you might be job searching or looking for a promotion.


LinkedIn is a social media channel that was made for you to put down everything you’ve ever accomplished in your career, as well as to share your knowledge/opinion of industry and national trends. Look for blogs that you can follow through email or by making them a bookmark in your favorite browser.

Share recent articles on those blog posts, along with your opinion on the topic. If you really enjoy the company your working for, share job postings, important news, and even client and/or business partner successes. It’s about lifting other people up, and showing your own knowledge as well.

Connect with your colleagues, and to recommend them if you truly enjoyed your experience working with them. It’s also acceptable to ask your managers and/or mentors to recommend you as well!

*Be wary of who you connect with on LinkedIn, only connect with people you know. Definitely connect with people you know of, but a lot of people run scams through LinkedIn so always do your research!


As my first really social media channel, Twitter will always be my favorite. While I love Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, Twitter is where I’m truly myself. Twitter is where you can share your hobbies, thoughts on your favorite TV shows, articles you like, and that shirt you think everyone should have.

As a professional, on top of sharing things that you would on LinkedIn (it’s harder with only 140 characters) also share moments of your personal life, news articles that you really enjoyed, and follow people that you admire. Join in on professional Twitter chats if you have time, (Google “your industry here” twitter chats) in order to connect with other people in your industry.

If you have a hobby, look up hashtags for that topic as well! It’s so fun to interact with people that love the same thing you do, and you end up making really supportive online friends.

Be yourself on Twitter, all parts of you!

So What Now?

You have all of this great information! What do you do next? For me personally, I would sign up for a Buffer (this would be my preference!) or Hootesuite account so you can just start scheduling your own tweets! Just add articles to your queue when you find them (I like using Pocket to save them as I read them)

The best way to do this is to set aside time to read through the emails you sign up for, or your Twitter feed. I usually try to set aside 15 minutes in the morning to read through things in order to add stuff to my queue. On busy days I don’t, but it’s important to stay up to date in your industry!


How do you use social media professionally? Do you have any accounts private?



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  • I love Helene’s tips. Great recommendation on using Buffer. I started using it today and love it so far! It’s so important to remember that nothing we share on the internet is ever really private!

  • With the way the internet is, it’s basically like everything is one screenshot away from becoming public. These are really good guidelines!

  • I used to have all private accounts before blogging. I am a high school teacher, so it was really important that I kept my life… well, my life! I have had to transition while coming into the world of blogging. It took me a few months to go public and actually tell people I knew about my blog. Since then, I have had to learn the difference between making a post that I would make just to share my life versus writing a post that is around my business. So different! So much more thought it put into what I write. Instead of a cute little caption, I tell a story now. So many differences between the two! xx

  • Tori Dunlap

    As a professional digital marketer, social media will make or break your business. Professionalism is always important.

    Tori || Victori Media

  • I love twitter too! So many people disregard it because they say it’s not amazing for traffic to your blog. But I think it’s so valuable for connecting with your readers and just showing your personality!

  • I love Twitter too! I find it to be a good place to connect with my readers.

  • These are all such great tips! As someone who’s assisted with hiring, social media can DEFINITELY sway the vote. If you’ve also used your Twitter for personal purposes, I suggest making it private until you can make sure it’s 100% work appropriate.

  • I have two twitter accounts – one that I use professionally and one that I use for my blog. When I had a Facebook, I used it mostly professionally, too! All of my photos from college were private, and I mostly used it to share work related things. My Instagram is private just because I don’t want people in my business. Haha

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • thesophiadiaries

    Great info! I don’t believe twitter is good for everyone, but I actually do think if you use instagram well it can be good for you too, because some companies are a lot more visual 🙂

  • Such great info!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Great info! I like to make my blog, which i own, my top priority, but my Instagram is definitely right up there too.

  • Macarena Ferreira

    I really need to start to using Linkedin and Twitter to my advantage!

    xo //

  • I love this information! I personally use Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is not my favorite platform because I don’t like it, but there is a ton of engagement that I could get. Ugh, seriously need to amp that area up!

    xo, L