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Adulting + 2017 Resolutions and My Word

Happy New Year! Today is the first day of my funemployment and I’m full of hope for the new year. Last year was full of so many low valleys yet high mountains, but this year we’re getting married and I just know I’m going to find a full-filling full time job. With all of that, I wanted to share my resolutions and my word of the year with you.



All of my resolutions this year have to do with being more intentional. 2016 was honestly full of a lot of emotionally charged decisions which left me feeling drained. Here’s what I plan on being more intentional about.


With college came some really bad spending habits for me, and honestly my job situation last year didn’t help. This year we’re hoping to start seriously saving for extra costs for our wedding and traveling! I’ll have some posts with what we’ve decided to do in order to give your some help too! I’m thinking something like Annaliese’s savings plan but with a more money (like $5 the first week!) We also want to get back to budgeting better, since we tend to just try to be aware instead of sticking strictly to it.


I have two resolutions to be intentional about. One is to add five new certifications to my resume this year. Continuous learning is so important and I really like the feeling of adding it to my resume! I already have the five that I want to take scheduled in! Two is to get a salaried job in PR, social media or marketing. I held three jobs last year, and being salaried sounds so nice. It may not happen with the new overtime laws, but it’s really important. I have about three action items under this goal that should help to get me where i need to be!

Focus :

This year is going to be amazing, I can feel it. So in order to enjoy it I want to be intentional with my focus. I want to live in the moment like my bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding weekend! With everything going on focusing on my to-do list instead of procrastinating or multi-tasking will be crucial. There are amazing people in my life that I want to focus on whether it be on the phone or in person. To focus on intentional time together with Matt to strengthen our relationship as we embark on our marriage and intentional time with God to strengthen my relationship with Him is what I really want to do as well.


As I mentioned before, I’m really proud of my health journey the past year. I fell off the wagon but I kept getting back on. This year  I want to continue to focus on my health by continuing to eat healthy and work out. One “mini”goal of mine is to go a certain number of days alcohol free. Matt and I love to open a bottle of wine and watch whatever Netflix show we’re on during the week nights. But after being home and meeting up with friends I’m thinking that the next couple of weeks I’m going alcohol free. Also I want to try a sugar detox, which is really hard for this girl with a very large sweet tooth.


Moving across the country has been rough in terms of my social life. Matt’s actuary friends are so nice and welcoming but I’m an independent girl who loves to have her own girlfriends. I have one new friend who I try really hard to get together with, but my new goal is to get out and join other groups to make new friends. Being in a sorority in college means that there was never a shortage of girl’s nights which I really miss. Matt doesn’t not give the best advice on curling irons or jean brands for women! I’m going to be more intentional with getting out there and following through!

What are your resolutions for this year? Do you even make these? I just LOVE the clean slate feeling that a new year brings, no matter how cheesy it is!



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  • Greta Hollar

    You have such great goals for 2017! Girls nights are so important! I’ve connected with a lot of local bloggers who have become such great friends! I’m also a member of the Blog Societies and they have local meet-ups which might be great for you!

    • Thanks so much Greta! I’m normally a little anxious about reaching out but have loved the people who have reached out for me so I’m going to try it more! I am going to join the blog societies soon too! I really appreciate the suggestions!

  • Love that intentional is your word of the year- that’s a great one! Your goals look awesome as well and best of luck in your job search!


  • Great resolutions! I love how you broke these into intentional goals. This year is going to be amazing for you.

  • These are some fantastic resolutions– wishing you much luck!

  • These are great goals! (and we have the same theme on our blogs! I thought it looked familiar… LOL!).

  • Macarena Ferreira

    I love this post so much. Finances are also on my list! I need to seriously start saving.I’m also considering cutting out alcohol for a bit. The holidays will do that to you.

    I recently moved away from home and from all my girlfriends and I tried Bumble BFF and LOVED it. It’s all girls in your similar situation and I’ve met some of my best girlfriends through there. Totally recommend. 🙂

    xo //

  • Intention was my word back in 2015 – I shared a few personal thoughts about it, if you’d like to take a look: Wishing you a successful 2017!

  • Adriana

    I love intentional as a word of the year! Mine is committed. 🙂 You have a great list of goals girlie!

  • I don’t usually do specific goals for the year because I break them up monthly, but I absolutely love how you broke this down! If I had to have a list of goals, my finances would 100% be on it too!

  • I love your word for the year and your resolutions! My word for the year is surrender 🙂 Like you, I also want to be more intentional in my relationships this year and focus on my health more (cleaner eating and working out more). Here’s to an awesome 2017!

    Stephanie |

  • Intentional is my word for the year, as well! If y’all’s new community has a young professionals organization or a Junior League, consider checking them out. In my experience, both have been very helpful in making new friends post-grad.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • Ahhh I love all of your resolutions! I haven’t really thought about what mine are for this year yet… I’ll get to it… lol. Have you heard of the app Bumble? That might help you connect with some new friends in your area. Best of luck in your job search!

    Kayla |