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Adulting + Laundry Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Very few people enjoy doing laundry. I like clean clothes that fit me correctly, and I like it when I can dress appropriately for work as well. In college we could easily put off laundry for three weeks, but now we’re finding doing laundry once a week is the best.

But anyway, as adults you save a lot of money by doing your own laundry. Today I’m going to give you tips on how to do basic laundry, and how to take care of care of your favorite pieces of clothing.


Basic Laundry

  1. Seperate Your Laundry: I’m as bad as the next person, in college everything just went into one big load, and I fished out the items that had to be air dryed. At the very least, seperate your delicates from your other clothes. Be sure to also wash brand new clothes on their own because you don’t want them to bleed. Or throw in some salt to keep everything nice and bright. 
  2. Double-check your detergent: Do you want to use cold water instead of hot water? (It can save you money.) Make sure your detergent works with cold water. Also double check what kind of washer you have. High effiency washers use a different kind of detergent that you don’t want to use in a non-high effiency washer.
  3. Lightly dry delicates: Some of your work clothes can be dried on a lower setting, and as soon as they are done taken out of the dryer and hung. This is the easiest way to ensure wrinkle free shirts.
  4. This chart will make it easier to know what to do with your clothes: laundry

Making Your Life Easier

  1. Use Dryel instead of the dry cleaners: When I had a more professional dress code at work, I wore my suit seperates often but never wanted to pay for them to be dry cleaned because #brokepostgrad. These are awesome and so easy to use. They keep our dry cleaned pieces looking great and aren’t costly. Personally I still send my pieces to a dry cleaner once or twice a year, which is way better than paying for it once or twice a month.
  2. Invest in undershirts: Men wear under shirts all the time, and for good reason! I have taken to wearing a white t-shirt or a tank top under a lot of my shirts and especially my sweaters. Your clothes not get as smelly which means you don’t have to wash them as a often. This is better for your clothes and will help the last longer. Also it keeps you warmer in the winter #funfact.
  3. Learn how to remove stains: I am 99% likely to stain something everyday. This website saves me and my clothes.  Remember to check this out every time you spill something on yourself. Bookmark it, send it to your friends, SHARE IT. It’s helped me get out some weird stains, like bird poop.
  4. Lay out your sweaters: Most sweaters you shouldn’t be drying in a dryer, but hanging them can make them lose their shape. Lay them out on a drying rack or on old, clean towels. They won’t lose their shape and you can wear them for years to come!
  5. Invest in a lot of hangers: IKEA, Amazon and other places have skinny hangers that you should definitely get. Hang up shirts, t-shirts and other items you are normally to lazy to fold correctly. (This does not include sweaters or work out gear.) It keeps them wrinkle free and you’re able to see all your options at once.

What laundry tips do you have? Do you have a specific system or way? (It’s totally cool if its just when you run out of underwear or if your hamper is overflowing)

Hope this helps, laundry is one of those things that even one or two tricks makes it easier!





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  • Anna Hubbard

    Great tips! I’m very prone to spilling on myself so these will be helpful!
    -Anna |

  • That chart is so helpful! My personal laundry method is basically refusing to put anything in the dryer! Haha

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • mckenna bleu

    If only I knew this earlier! Better late than never, thanks for sharing!

  • omg this is so helpful! I hate doing laundry and have avoided learning about it for years haha

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • Alex Lo

    great tips!! will def be trying some of these!!

  • That chart does make it so much easier! Pinning so I can go back to it lol.

    Alix |

  • That chart is so easy!!! this is so helpful. Thanks for sharing babe.

  • Wow. I’ve never paid attention to these. No wonder I’ve had a few mess ups…

  • This is a super helpful guide! I want to print it out and hang it in my laundry room 🙂

  • Sydney Power

    I hang basically all of my clothes, I love washing in cold water and those skinny hangers are the best!!

  • Rachel Mariana Timmerman

    I am the worst when it comes to laundry! I slack so badly with mine but am always staying on top of my daughters because she has so much! I’m always looking for helpful tips. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  • Victoria Stacey

    These are fantastic tips! I’m so bad with laundry.. need to get beyond ‘colours and whites’

  • Oh that chart is so helpful!

  • So many great tips! Sorting laundry is definitely a chore, but I love separating everything into separate baskets as the week goes on to make laundry day easier.