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Best Products of 2017 - Best Books to Read

Lifestyle + Best Products of 2017

Best products of 2017 have been some of my favorite posts to read so far, and even though we’re officially half way through January, I wanted to share products that have truly made my life better!


Best Products of 2017

Best Products of 2017

Health & Wellness

Philips Wake Up Light - Best Products of 2017

Wake-Up Light

This past year I really tried to embrace being a morning person. That meant going to bed earlier in order to get up earlier as well. It’s really easy to do this in the spring and summer because it’s already light out when you wake up. But in the fall and winter, it’s pretty dark (especially on the east coast). We decided to invest in a wake-up light that uses a soft light to slowly wake you up thirty minutes before your alarm is set to go off.

This has been great for two reasons: one, it means that the room is already softly lit when I wake up and second, it slowly lights up, signaling to my body that it’s time to wake up. I wake up less “hard” most mornings, more refreshed, and ready to get up and start my day.

We ended up with the $50 one, but there are more expensive options with “cooler” features.

Apple Watch

While I bought this towards the end of 2016, this has been one of the best things I’ve done for my health! My Apple Watch (I linked a refurbished version of my watch) makes me want to move and after a recent upgrade to the iOS, it also has monthly challenges. In December, it challenged me to exceed my calorie goal every day, and this month it’s challenging me to walk 7 miles a day! (Since we were home in December, we did a lot less walking than normal).

These monthly challenges, and the daily challenge to get 30 minutes of exercise, plus meet a calorie goal (mine is 550), and a daily stand goal (everyone’s is 12), keeps me moving. Moving helps me stay healthy, focused, and ready to tackle my goals.

I also like it because at work I can stop looking at my phone, knowing that texts and calls come through my watch. This is an expensive investment, but one that I’m happy I made. The only day I didn’t wear my watch this year was our wedding day (because of pictures).

Charlestown Apartment - Best Products of 2017

Our Apartment

This isn’t really a “purchase”, but it’s crazy how changing your location by a mile can make you that much happier. We moved to Charlestown in April, and I love how much more I feel like a “Bostonian.” We’re close to at least three great brunch places, a local library, a drug store, hardware store, liquor store, and grocery store. It feels so much more homey!

We also have an office, and a deck. It’s not the same quality as our old apartment, but we’ve been much happier here. We joined the local Y, and during the warmer months take full advantage of the ability to run outside! It’s crazy how much where you live can affect your well-being.


Best Products of 2017 - Olay Pro X & Smile Brilliant

Olay Pro X

I have always wanted a Clarisonic but never wanted to spend the money on it. So instead, I’ve been using this Olay Pro X. It’s been great and has kept my skin exfoliated and smooth. I use it sometimes to double cleanse after a long day (or one with a lot of make-up).

There is an anti-aging kit as well that I like, and have found that it’s a really great way to keep my skin bright. It’s not the best product, but I’ve loved using it!

Smile Brillant!

This stuff has been a lifesaver in terms of whitening my teeth! I love coffee and a good glass of red wine, meaning my teeth tend to suffer. I use this about every 3 months, and it keeps my teeth looking great.

I was introduced to this through a brand partnership, but purchased some for my mom for Mother’s Day, and have also repurchased some for our wedding! It’s a really easy way to whiten, and I recommend it to all my girlfriends when they’re looking for teeth whiteners!

Electronics, Books, and Accessories

Best Products of 2017 - MacBook 2017

MacBook Pro

After four years with my MacBook Air, it was time for an upgrade. At the time I was using my laptop for work and personal use, so the Air just wasn’t cutting it. It was a big investment, but has been totally worth it!

A quick note though, if you’re just using your computer for personal use (i.e. photos, reading things off the internet, and maybe job searching) I would recommend the Air. It’s the perfect size and weight! Also, I bought both my macs refurbished, and don’t regret it at all!

Best Products of 2017 - Best Books to Read

Better Than Before, You Are A Badass, 168 Hours, & Make It Happen

These books have been some of the best books that I’ve ever purchased. They’ve changed my viewpoint, and made me re-prioritize my life! I highly recommend reading them!

You Are A Badass is a great way to start the year, a good book for motivation! Better Than Before will help you build better habits, and 168 Hours will help you take advantage of your time better. Make It Happen will help you set goals to use all of your newfound knowledge on habits, time management, and your motivation!

Best Products of 2017 - Fossil and Baublebar

Fossil Wallet

I have a great, large Kate Spade wallet, but it’s too big to fit in most of the small purses that I prefer. When I went to NYC with my mom and younger sister for my sister’s sweet 16, I found a great Fossil wallet! My mom has a similar one, and I knew that it was perfect to throw between my bags.

I love my big wallet, and will probably use it once I get back to big purses. But if you switch bags alot, this wallet is a lifesaver!

Baublebar Tassel Earrings

My husband and best friend hate them, but I love these navy tassel earrings. They go with a lot of my wardrobe, and make accessorizing easy! They’re a fun addition to a lot of my outfits and have really enjoyed wearing them.

Baublebar Location Bar Necklace

I bought this on sale, but it has the coordinates of Boston on the necklace. What is the chance of that? I got it for $10 and wear it almost every day. I’ve gotten bar necklaces for a number of girlfriends, and they are always such a big hit!

As something that I can wear all the time, it’s really durable I highly suggest that you grab one!


These are my best products from 2017! I hope that you found some similar products that you love. If you have any “must buys” from 2017, please let me know in the comments below!



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  • thesophiadiaries

    i might have to get that wake up light.. i’m not usually a morning person.. haha i can sleep early, but i still end up sleeping until 9am most days xD i don’t think it’s the way to live xD thanks for sharing your experience!!

  • Michelle Williams

    Definitely some great product recs! Have to check some of these out!

  • I love all of these! Such great products to have! I have a MacBook air mainly because I travel a lot and use it for that, but I have been thinking about having a Pro for home use!

  • I have been wanting an Apple watch for years now. I think this may be the year I invest in one

  • So many fab products here. I love my Apple watch too. It’s the bomb.

  • Nichole

    I go a Macbook Pro too this past year and it was such a great investment, I’m so pleased with my new laptop- it’s my new baby. I’ve been considering an apple watch and I’m thinking about rewarding myself with one this year, I love apple products. Hah! I also definitely want to get the ‘You are a Badass’ book. I’ve heard such great things.

  • Azanique

    Your apartment is so adorable! I love those blue chairs.

    -xo, Azanique |

  • I so want an apple watch! It seems like such a great investment!

  • That alarm clock sounds awesome! And I bet your apartment move made such a difference for you – it certainly sounds like it!

  • I need to try that wake up light! I get up sooo early its painful!

  • Tara Liston Fuller

    such a great roundup. your place looks so cozy and pretty!

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    I love this round up! Great products!

  • I think I may need to invest in that wake up light! I’m always so tired in the morning!

  • Carly Ned

    All of those books are so good! Like Dara, I need to check out the wakeup light haha.