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Lifestyle + Last Minute Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

I love Memorial Day weekend, it’s normally my dad’s birthday weekend and we almost always see family. This year we’ll be in Kentucky (long story, but we’re excited!), but I know that this weekend sneaks up on a lot of people who aren’t in school anymore (aka I can’t believe that we’re in Kentucky this weekend.) I thought I would round up a couple of last minute ideas for you if this weekend snuck up on you!

Last Minute Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Backyard Bash

Get all of your other plan-less friends together for a fun potluck. Make it what ever themed you want, and have people bring their own booze. If you don’t have a good outdoor space, think about hosting it at a park!

Day Trips 

You may not be able to afford or find a hotel for the weekend, but think about making a day trip!  Maybe think of doing something a little touristy that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Get outside and take a hike or visit a local park you don’t go to as often.

Rainy Day 

If your forecast is anything like the one in New England, it’s going to be a little rainy and cold here. Curl up with a friend, your significant other, or some ice cream (honestly right now I could just use the ice cream ;)) and binge watch something! Do a little yoga or meditation to balance it out, but treat your self!

Shop Sales

Y’all the sales are already starting to roll in! Here is what I wish I could be shopping this weekend!



This may not be that easy, but a lot of organizations need last minute volunteers for parades, festivals and fairs. Shelters (animal and human) and food banks may need extra volunteers as well with people gone for the long weekend. Give them a quick call or stop in to see if they need any help!

Catch Up on Household Tasks and Chores

Never got around to cleaning out your closet or hanging those photos? Take this weekend to catch up on those types of things so they aren’t hanging over your head for the rest of the summer!

Take a Fun Fitness Class

I love working out now, and am hoping  to fit in a run in the city we’re visiting this weekend! A lot of studios are offering special jump into summer classes that you should take, get yourself in a good mindset for a healthy summer.


What are you doing this weekend? Any sales I have to shop?

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