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Money + Simple Saving Tips

Saving money can seem a lot harder than it needs to be, I, for one have a really hard time saving money during certain occasions. Here are my tips on how to save money simply, and without sacrificing your favorite things.


Set up automatic transfers: On the date around each paycheck, set up an automatic transfer of the amount of money you want to save from each check. It can be as little at $5 or as much as $100. It’s simple and effective.

Mentally make your savings account a no-go zone: Instead of seeing your savings as an extension of your checking, mentally make yourself think of it as a last resort in case of emergency or something you only use when you really need it. By not using it as an extension of your savings account, you will actually start making progress on your goals.

Collect you change: Who remembers their grandparents having jars of change around the house? Take a hint from grandpa and start collecting your change in one spot. After you fill up your container, take it in to a change counter and convert the coins to bills. Then take that money and deposit it in your savings account!

Invite friends over, instead of out: Make a goal of one night a weekend staying in with your friends, family or significant other instead of going out. Have everyone bring something and watch a movie, play cards against humanities or have your own dance party.You’ll save money and still have fun! Then you can take the money you saved from not going out, and put it directly into your savings account.


These little changes really aren’t that hard, and can really add up over time. A penny saved is a penny earned right?

How do you save money simply?




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  • Elana

    Inviting friends over instead of going out definitely saves money!

  • Good thing I’m a homebody lol

  • I have 200 from each paycheck automatically go into a secret savings account so I don’t touch it haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • The automatic transfer tip is so smart, I never would have thought of that!

  • I’ve tried to get better at eating (& drinking in) save so much money in expensive Sydney!

  • I needed this in my life today, Thank You for sharing. XO. Oh money is so funny!

  • Great tips! Automatic transfers are a lifesaver for me!


  • I would highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” for anyone interested in managing finances in the right way!

    XO, Oksana |

  • Collecting change is always my go to! I keep a big bucket of change in my room and add to it whenever I can!


  • Automatic transfers are really nice!! Highly recommend Mr. Money Mustache as well


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  • Love having people over instead of going out idea!

  • Saving money can definitely be tough. I think budgets, priority lists, and planning to transfer a certain amount of each paycheck are your best options. Works well for me. Definitely was a struggle when I was in college but I survived.

  • Yes!! Money in my savings account “doesn’t exist” in my mind. Once money goes there it is out of bounds and it really helps save. Especially if you decide that “x” amount of all income will go in there!

    Sara Kate Styling

  • Thanks for sharing these tips. I need to step up my saving game and I could really use some of these tips.,

  • Inviting friends over instead of going out is my favorite thing to do. You can have a party where everyone comes over, and you cook a little meal. It’s fun and cheaper!

  • My husband and I love having our friends over to save everyone money! Usually we make it a potluck and sometimes watch a movie or something on Netflix (which we already are going to be paying for anyway). It makes for a fun night in and we didn’t blow $100 on food and entertainment!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  • I automatically have $ taken out of my check and sent to a special savings account that I can’t access for at least 24 months. That is definitely a great tip.
    I’d say to do a weekly budget so you have all the places your money could be going, all laid out!