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Adulting + No Spend Feb

One of my favorite things about moving out to Boston is the incredible blogging community here! Last year I was lucky enough to work with them professionally while getting to know them personally. This month, we (along with other bloggers outside the area) have decided to team up for a no spend feb.

For me personally, I wanted to share what my “no spend feb” is going to mean, and what I hope to accomplish with it! I started on February 1st, but will probably extend it to March 4th to make a longer month.

No Spend Feb

No Spend Feb Explanation

Most Immediate Need: Saving Money for our Honeymoon

We finally booked our honeymoon, and I’m looking to save money to buy things for our trip, and to get souvenirs on our trip as well! Since it’s our honeymoon, we obviously have a few bucket list items to cross off. The idea to have some extra padding since our honeymoon starts off an intense 3 months of traveling.

Buy waiting to buy things, I’ll be able to be more strategic in what I buy for our honeymoon!

Most Immediate Reason: Buying Things I Don’t Really Need

Since our wedding, I feel like I’m been making too many impulse buys (like the workout clothing I bought because it was on sale, not necessarily because it was an immediate need)

Hopefully, this will help me be more thoughtful in what I’m buying. Also, I want to make sure I’m buying things (like workout equipment, beauty supplies) I’m actually going to use.

Long-Term Reason: Having a More Classic Wardrobe

I’ve been buying more “trendy” pieces lately, and honestly it’s been fun. But I’m much more of a “classics” girl. I’ve been trying to not be just “preppy” but classic. It’s a fine line, and I’m looking forward to building a wardrobe that I’m happier with.

Also, I want to start investing in quality pieces, and finding what styles really fit me!

Long Term Need: I’m Losing Weight

Thankfully, the dietary and fitenss changes that I’ve made have slowly been working, and I’m really happy with how my clothes have been fitting! By giving myself a month off from buying clothes, I’m hoping to be able to buy a smaller pants size next month.

No Spend Feb is a great motivator for me to really focus on my fitness goals, and to reevalute some of the clothes I do have!

No Spend Feb How – To

1. What I’m Not Spending Money On

So I need to eat, and I need to pay for shampoo probabaly. Which unfortunely means that yes, money will be leaving my wallet. Here’s what I’m not spending money on:

-New Clothes: Unless another pair of my jeans rips, I will not be spending money on clothes at all this month.

-Beauty Products: Other than have to replensish some soap, I won’t be buying any new make-up, nail polish, or hair styling tools.

-Random Products: Unless I have an actual reason for buying something (like something breaks, or we need this to do a project) I’m not buying it. My amazon cart might have 10 items in it at the end of the month, but I’m not buying it.

-Books: I’ve actually been using the library well this year, but I really need to stop adding books to my Amazon cart.

2. What I’m Purging

Since this month is about not adding more stuff to our apartment, it’s the perfect time to get rid of things as well! I’m planning on spending a Saturday or Sunday afternoon going through my closet and getting rid of things I haven’t worn.

Also, I’d like to go through some of my desk things, and books as well.

Your Turn

Have you ever done a no-spend month? I’m really excited to see what you think or what you’ve done!

I wanted to shout-out Danielle from A Sequined Life for organzing this! She’s seriously a ray of sunshine, and I love being a part of this group of women.

Check out their blog posts on why they’re doing No Shop Feb!

@achicvoyage @afashionfix @amodestlife @asequinedlife @bluebootsgo @champagne_thursday @cmcinthecity @d_mobley @elizabethev @emilyshell @gretsky126 @iceberghaha @jenfirshe @klassicallykaytee @kristinbassett @kristylyons @lyssmmm @mystyletales @natmazz @nishatnguyen @primandpropah @sassyysaraa @shaunagallagher @sixfeetinheels @speedy2ac @thechroniclesofsheel @aline_aesthetic @alexbyersays

Let me know if you join!



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  • I feel like Amazon is the trickiest to cut out – damn Prime membership!!

    The six months before we got married was my best time for a no-spend diet (or at least, cut back!). It’s so much easier to do when you have something to save FOR.

    Good luck – we’re in this together!!

  • This is a great idea! I think I’d have the hardest time not spending money on skincare products!


  • Miss ALK

    Okay first of all I’m totally jealous of the amount of bloggers in Boston doing this challenge together! What a great community you guys seem to have wow!
    I am in my last week of a month long shopping fast that’s very similar to this one you did! I also didn’t buy clothing and beauty products during this time, and tried to do some closet purging as well. 🙂 It’s been a great way to save $$!

    xoxo A

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  • I did a No Shop January a few years back and it really helped me to revamp the way I spent money on items I didn’t need! It never seems like you spend that much until you add it all up and see how much you’ve saved.

  • thesophiadiaries

    oh this sounds like a goal i need xD but definitely for march haha its too late for feb xD

  • No spend months are tough but so rewarding! I need to do another soon and de-clutter!

  • Sounds like you’ve got a great plan! I’ve done some no spend months before and it’s all about the planning.

  • I need to do a no shop month. We’re trying to save as much money as possible so it needs to be done.

  • You are one disciplined woman! I have never done a no spend months but I really should. I would save so much money in the process and we would have a lot less crap around our house.

  • I defintiely need to do a no-buy month. I’ve been so bad lately!!

  • I’m doing this right now too for a lot of the same reasons you pointed out – I feel like sometimes I shop and buy things I don’t need. I should reevaluate what I need!

  • These are great reasons. I too seem to be impulse shopping for things I definitley don’t need!

  • nicole simonetti

    I’m totally lovingggg this idea! I started a bullet journal recently and started a habit tracker – one of them is for “no spending” & I’m almost embarrassed to even have it written down, that’s how poorly I’m sticking to it. like you, I’m an impulse shopper! (esp. when it comes to sales.) I hope you’re planning on posting a follow-up to this @ the end of the month; I’d love to hear the end result! x, nicole //

  • Ugh books are where all my money goes! I definitely need to implement a no-spending plan, but I know I’d more than likely break it haha. Kudos to you!

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    More power to ya! I’m trying to get a hold of my impulses shopping this year! Wish me luck!

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