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100 College Tips

College + Over 100 College Tips on Notes, Studying & Life

Hi y’all! We’re taking a little break from our regularly scheduled program to do a round-up of the best college posts to set yourself up for your best year yet!

Please excuse some of the content, these were my very early, and busy years of blogging. I really do think that these will help you if you’re going to college, even if it just means that you think about something that you haven’t before!

100 College Tips

Note & Test Taking Tips

A Note Taking System 

Mid-term Study Advice 1

Finals Week Prep 1 

Mid-term Study Advice 2

Survive the End of the Semester

Study Tips: Reading Effectively 

Advice for Writing Well 

Organization & Planner Tips

Planner Organization Advice 1

Productivity  Tips to Do It All

How to Set Up For a New Semester

Advice for a Successful Semester

School Prep Tips

My Tote 1

How to Budget

What to Buy After You Move In

Your Must-Have School Supplies

College Experience Advice

Important College Resources

How to Support Your Go-Getter Friend

Public Relations Classes I’m Glad I Took 

Reasons to Study Abroad (you really should do at least a 2-week trip!)

An Easy Workout Sequence 

The Case for Diverse Internships 

“Big” Kid Apartment Ideas

Day in a Life of a Study Abroad Student 


What are you top college tips? Where did you go to college? If you have any favorite blog posts, please leave in the comments below for others to look at!





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