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Travel Plans

Travel + 2018 Travel Plans

Last year Matt and I definitely thought that we were going to travel a lot, but it didn’t end up being that much. However, this year is going to be a big year for traveling. At least three different countries, and some states! I wanted to share our travel plans, just in case you had any recommendations or any specific post requests!

Travel Plans

2018 Travel Plans


Colorado: Matt is heading to Colorado to visit his best friend who is there for med-school. I’ve been to visit one of my best friends our senior year and college. I’m looking forward to hearing about his trip, and visiting together in the future!

NYC: We’re both headed to meet up with my family for a weekend, and going to see The Lion King on Broadway! I’m excited to see my family and shop with my mom and sister for spring clothes. Also, it’ll be so nice to see my dad and have some quality family time.


France & Iceland: We’re finally taking our honeymoon, and I’m so excited! We’re going to Paris, maybe the south of France, and spending a day in Iceland on a layover.


Wisconsin: So exciting right? Matt’s headed home for his brother’s college graduation, and I’m headed home for a friends wedding and my dad’s birthday!


Wisconsin: Back so soon? I’ll be back for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and we’ll both be back for Matt’s brother’s graduations (and my birthday!)

Chicago: Matt is headed here for his best friend’s bachelor party!

Des Moines: It’s for Matt’s best friend’s wedding, and I cannot wait. They’re our best couple friends, and it’s going to be such a beautiful day!


Gulf Shores: My grandparents are celebrating their 70th birthdays and 50th wedding anniversary this year, so the entire family is making its way to Alabama for a week at the beach! Unfortunately, Matt and I can only be there for a few days, but I can’t wait to spend some time by the ocean.

Wisconsin: Matt’s brother’s wedding, we can’t wait! It’s going to be such a fun day, and I’m so excited to be getting another sister!

The Rest of the Year:

Any trip ideas for the Northeast they would be very welcomed! I think we might try to make it to Portsmouth and Portland, Maine! Traveling in the fall in New England is always so beautiful, but I would love to go to Martha’s Vineyard for a day trip to see the island. Preferably, in September when it isn’t as busy.

Do you have any travel guides or suggestions on where we should go to eat or what we should do, I would very much appreciate it!



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  • You have such a great year ahead! I still haven’t seen The Lion King on Broadway yet, but it’s definitely on my must-see list!


  • Miss ALK

    Wow!! You guys have a lot of travel plans for 2018!!! I wish I could start planning mine but some things are a bit uncertain in my personal life right now so that all needs to be sorted out before I can start planning for things months ahead. 🙂 Let me know of course if you go to Maine later in the year- I’ll have recommendations for you! Portsmouth is very cute too.

    xoxo A

  • Anna Hubbard

    Oh my gosh, what a great year of travel! Have fun!

  • I love visiting Maine! I go every summer & it’s one of my favorite places.

  • Oh man, you guys sure are traveling a lot! Kinda jealous. LOL!

  • Sounds like you guys have quite the year of travel ahead of you! How exciting!

  • Jealous you get to travel so much! I’m headed to Chicago soon and I’m so excited just to head somewhere new!

  • Sounds like a great year of travel. So far we only have one trip in the works but I’m hoping for a few more.

  • Sounds like an exciting year!

  • Omg so many great destinations! I need to start looking into my travel plans for the year!

  • That sounds like such a romantic honeymoon. Can’t wait to hear about it! I go to Gulf Shores about once a year, whether it’s for a girls trip or to go to Hangout Music Festival. It’s the closest beach to me. Have fun with all of your traveling!

  • You have such a busy travel year! SO exciting! I love traveling too – I make an effort to go somewhere every month, even if it’s somewhere close by or somewhere I go a lot!

  • Robin @ And Then We Tried

    Marthas Vineyard is so beautiful! Definitely try to take a day to see it if you can.

  • Sophie

    If you can, try spend an extra day in Iceland. It is beautiful!!