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Wedding + Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors:

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the bigger decisions that normally has to be made sooner rather than later. It’s really fun (in my opinion) for you and your partner to chose them together!


I already had a scheme in mind because I went ring shopping with one of my best friends 9 months before and being the planner that I am, already had an idea. But because it’s not just my wedding, Matt and I decided on colors together (NO PINK were instructions was given)

Here is where to get your inspiration from:

  1. Use Pinterest (especially if you already have a board). What themes stand out to you? What do you like?
  2. Draw Inspiration from the Date If you have an idea for what season you’re getting married, draw inspiration. Remember that pastels don’t really do well in fall, but are beautiful in spring.
  3. Colors that are meaningful Do you and your fiancé have a special color? Or what’s yours? Try that as a starting point!
  4. Find one color? If you have one color that you really love,  try using Pinterest to find color schemes. You can google “what goes with pink” and pick from there!

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen What colors will they wear? I personally can’t handle navy and black together, so we took that into consideration! You don’t have to go traditional, but make sure you stick to what you want you wedding to feel like!
  2. Is it an easy color to find The last thing you want is 10 different shades of green that don’t look good together. Unique wedding colors are great in theory, but in practice it can get really expensive.
  3. Will you like it in 30 years Maybe it’s because I have a more classic style, but when you are looking at wedding colors will you like them in 30 years when you’re showing your kids? If you’re all about trendy, go for it! But it’s just something to keep in mind!


My Wedding Colors:

weddingcolorv1 weddingcolorv2


We went with navy and gold! I love that navy is classic, and gold pops well too! It works well in fall, and I’m hoping to add a maroon color to the bouquets!

(Navy is a color for both my sorority & Matt’s fraternity)

Do you have dream wedding colors? If you are/going to be married what were yours?


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  • Navy and gold will be beautiful. Sounds like it’ll be such a beautiful wedding already!


  • Awww love this post! And love getting to learn about your wedding colors. 🙂 Such a special time!

    xoxo A

  • Surprisingly, colors are one of the only things I haven’t really thought much about when planning my future dream wedding! I would love to get married in the fall with a lot of reds and oranges but who knows! I would love to talk to my boyfriend about this… I wonder what he would say (or if he would even care lol)

    Kayla |

  • I never realized how much thought would go into this!

  • Love hearing about how much thought goes into something as a simple color combo! I have no idea what I would pick!

  • These are great tips- I totally agree on picking something so important together! Thank you for sharing.

  • Navy and gold will definitely be a lovely color combination. I’m not getting married any time soon but I know I will have a lot of fun picking colors!

  • I can just imagine how beautiful navy and gold will look together! Great choices and congratulations!

  • Your wedding colors are my high school colors! Haha 🙂

  • I love navy and gold! Definitely it will look like a really beautiful wedding :D! Congratulations!!

  • Navy and gold are so great together! I have no ideas what colors I would want, and I don’t think my boyfriend cares that much!