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Wedding + How to Save Money on Your Save the Dates

Matt and I sent out our save the dates almost a month ago (holy cow) and since then it’s been a little crazy! People are so excited for our wedding that it made me forget to be stressed about it!

We saved so much money on our Save the Dates. It cost us $100 to send over 130 save the dates out with postage (and a couple across the ocean!).

I will say that we were looking at places in our budget that we can cut back so we can spend more other places and not break the bank. We decided one of the ways to save money is to skimp a bit on the stationary, if you’re not willing to do that (I get it, it was hard for me because I’d love to go for the most expensive save the dates!)

Save Money on Save the Dates

Design Them Yourself (Or Have Someone Design Them for You): Do you have a friend who is great at graphic design? What about someone who is great at art? Are you? Ask them if they’d be willing to design your save-the-dates. Have a couple examples of what you would like yours to look like (think Pinterest and Minted*), as well as any fonts and which photo you’d like.

*please make sure never to copy another artist’s work. Always be an original version of yourself! (You & your fiancé are one of a kind, and so is your love!)

Hire Someone to Design Them: Try Etsy or some other site and pay some one to design them for you. That way you can choose where to print them and not be stuck on a generic design!

Send Postcards: Did you know that postcard stamps are only 34 cents? They’re cheaper (because you don’t have to pay for envelopes) and the stamps are cheaper. They’re cheaper overall, and still look great on people’s fridges!

Don’t Print from the Website: Use a site like Vistaprint to print your save the dates! We got 250 (Way more than we needed but useful for when we messed up the addresses), for only $38 (that includes shipping). It was so easy to do, just make sure if you’re self-designing that you get the specs right.

Now here are our save-the-dates, thanks to our fantastic groomsman Jordan (find him on Instagram here & here), for designing these for us. Also, thank you to our fabulous photographer, Holen Photography,   for giving us amazing photos for us to work with!


These are also great ideas for Christmas cards, graduation announcements, and baby announcements!

Are you engaged/almost married? Have you been married? What did you do?



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  • these came out so cute! i love the photo you picked. i did postcards for mine too, from minted i think.

  • mckenna bleu

    Doing them yourself will always save you so much money!

  • These are huge! I used Minted for save-the-dates and invites and it was SO worth it – from design to quality!

  • Yours came out great! We skipped them altogether to save money!

  • Bella Bucchiotti

    Doing them yourself is such a good idea and you save so much more money!

  • These came out awesome! I used VistaPrint and it was great.

  • Amy

    Such great tips! Weddings can get so expensive and it’s nice to save some extra cash when you can!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    Oh, thanks for these tips!! I gotta look into this!!

  • Greta Hollar

    We designed and sent ours out ourselves and saved so much money doing it! Definitely a cost cutter in the wedding budget.

    Greta |

    • Ashley Vickney

      If I had an unlimited budget maybe we’d get a calligrapher or something, but these turned out great and worked really well!

  • These came out looking great and I loved your money saving tips! I think postcards are perfect because, like you said, they are great to stick up on the fridge. Great post!

    • Ashley Vickney

      Thank you! I really love postcards, and our friends and family have loved them!

  • Marie Ernst

    Your invites are so cute! You can really see the love between you too!

    • Ashley Vickney

      That is the sweetest compliment thank you so much!

  • Kristine Circenis

    These are so cute! I will definitely bring up postcard save the dates to my fiance once we get to that point. They’re so cute and there’s no reason to spend a million dollars on save the dates!

  • This are so nice! I definitely needed this – we’ll be needing some soon!

  • Victoria Stacey

    Great tips! Unfortunately in Canada all stamps costs the same 🙁 hahaha but I love postcards!