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Wedding Registry

Wedding + My Top 10 Wedding Registry Picks

This post is in partnership with Adore Me, but as always, all opinions are mine!


Getting married can be stressful, but so fun too! One of my favorite parts has been registering on and shopping for our honeymoon (we’re going somewhere fun in spring!). Today I’m partnering with Adore Me to share my top 10 registry picks for my bridal shower this August!

1. A Really Nice Blender

Who doesn’t like a good smoothie? Since Matt and I are health-conscious and love to cook, this Ninja set is perfect for us! It comes with a food processor, and to-go smoothie cups! It’s so easy to make soups with during the chilly New England winters and perfect to make margaritas with for the hot summers! While it’s on the more expensive side, we love that we can do so much with one thing!

2. A Beautiful Serving Dish

I love to entertain, so cooking for loved ones is something I’m always trying to do! We don’t have any “proper” serving bowls, so I’m really excited about getting a couple beautiful serving dishes to use! I think that you can get some beautiful ones to accent your table if you love to entertain, and if you don’t they make beautiful decor pieces too!

3. Kitchen Aid Mixer

Since we love to cook, and I’m not the best baker, so this is going to hopefully help me get a little better! There are so many uses for this, and honestly we all know how much I love navy. This mixer is perfect for our little kitchen, and we’ve been saving recipes to use with the mixer!

4. Luggage

Matt and I also love to travel, so we registered for new luggage! We’re honeymooning in France next spring, and so this will be perfect for our trip! Since we travel across the US too, it’s also the perfect time to upgrade some of our hand-me-down luggage. It’s a pretty common item, but it makes me excited for all of the places I’m hoping our marriage will take us.

5. Cute Pjs for Our Honeymoon

While this is more about me (sorry honey!) I just really want a super cute pair of pjs for our hotel stays in France! Something cute enough to order room service in would be perfect! (Also you gotta take those blogger pics!) If I’m comfy, Matt’s comfy right? These are perfect for me because my legs are almost always freezing since Matt loves to sleep in a really cold room! Why not get something cute to stay warm in?

6. Ginger Jars

Maybe I’m just a #basicblogger but I love the look of ginger jars for our apartment! Blue is our favorite color, and I can’t wait to use them as vases and on our bookshelves. Part of me loves the ideas of passing them on to our children and grandchildren and telling them that we got them as a wedding present!

7. Bar Cart Accessories

We love our bar cart, but we’re missing some really essential items! This set for wannabe mixologists is perfect for when we’re craving a real Wisconsin Old Fashion, or need to whip up a good dirty martini for my mom. Also, we love these coasters (we’re punny people). Since traveling to Kentucky, we’ve become very, very amateur bourbon tasters, and this decanter is perfect! We’ll also be stocking up on glassware!

8. Outdoor Blanket

Call us old folks, but we love to take a blanket out to the Esplanade or maybe Bunker Hill this summer and just hang out with snacks and cards! This outdoor blanket has so many uses. Everything from watching fireworks, to summer concerts, I have a feeling this will be a well-used gift!

9. A New Camera

Matt and I love to take photos together when we’re just out and about, and honestly it would be a huge help for my blog! We’re both really excited about using it on our honeymoon and to capture the big and little life moments we’ll be experiencing together as a married couple!

10. Beach Towels

Now that we live so close the ocean, we’re hoping for more beach days! I love love love these towels and are hoping for a fun day trips in the future. We make do with what we have right now but it’ll be nice to be properly equipped!

Our list maybe a little traditional, but all of these items are going to make it so easy to continue the hobbies that we love to do together!

Have you registered yet? What’s your favorite gift to buy for friends?



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  • Miss ALK

    Such creative registry items! Love the idea of new luggage and a camera!

    xoxo A

  • A kitchenaid mixture is such a perfect registry item! I learned that people are very willing to buy you this since it’s so cute. Also, love how you thought outside of the box! I think that will definitely benefit you guys later on!

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    When I got married I registered for both a Ninja and a KitchenAid as well and got both-they’re seriously two of the most used items in my kitchen! If you haven’t already got a really great knife block, I recommend that as well-you’ll use it more than you think 🙂

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  • These are great registry items, ones I’ve never thought of. As a traveler myself, new luggage seems like a wonderful addition to a registstry!

  • mckenna bleu

    Bar cart accessories is definitely something I have been seeing more of!

  • These are great ideas! We actually had some friends go in on a bar cart for our wedding gift. We got nice knives and they’re one of our most used items.

  • How fun is this? I loved doing my registry. It was so much fun picking out stuff for our apartment.

  • Love these ideas! A Kitchen Aid Mixer is going to be at the top of my list when I get to make my wedding registry 🙂

    Kristen |

  • thesophiadiaries

    i totally want a set of nice plates hahahha that’s probably one of the first things i’m going to be looking for xD

  • Rachel Ritlop

    nice! we took like everything off our registry and just begged for $$$ since we lived in a small furnished apartment and had no where to put anything! the rogue things that people still bought us were cringeworthy (and huge) #SMH

    • Ashley Vickney

      Haha I’m sure that was hard! We’re planning on storing all of our old stuff for our siblings when they move into their first “big kid” apartment! Also the rogue things that people will buy us scares me a bit. We’re asking that everyone ship gifts since we’re flying to and from our wedding!

  • yes to all of these! I love buying fun things off the registry, but still things they’ll use!

  • Macarena Ferreira

    Definitely bookmarking this for when my big day comes!

    xo //

  • Kristine Circenis

    Mixer! Mixer! Mixer! That’s my dream gift and I hope you get yours for your big day!

  • So many good ideas! Two of my close friends got married last fall and they were both making pretty big moves right after their weddings so I stuck to Williams Sonoma gift cards for bridal showers and just a check for the wedding gift so they could buy what they still wanted/needed after they moved!

    The Blush Blonde