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Vendor Gifts

Wedding + Vendor Gift Ideas (Plus What You Should Be Tipping)

Did you know a vendor gift was a thing? I didn’t! It makes sense though, I can’t wait to pamper our vendors a little bit after they’ve done so much for us. (A long-distance couple can’t be easy and/or conventional.)

Here are some really great ideas for your vendors, to show them a little extra love. This includes some “free things” as well as really cute gifts that are either edible or usable in the future!

This post is sponsored by WeddingWire, as always, all opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Blonde & A Briefcase!

Vendor Gifts

Vendor Gift Ideas

1.Heartfelt Thank You Note

This may seem cliche, but I think a heartfelt thank you note for their work along with their tip can mean so much! Wedding vendors really do care about their clients and love helping in someone’s special day!

2. A Sweet Treat

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Try to give them something sweet local to the area (handmade, or their favorite candy (that you know they love!).

Since Matt and I are living in Boston, we’re planning on giving our vendors these delicious Seacoast Sweets S’more Patties. (Just in case you didn’t know, I am actually obsessed with s’mores, I was so disappointed when we couldn’t have them for dessert at our wedding!)

3. Something to Pour

We all know that work can be stressful, no matter what industry you work in! Think a great bottle of their favorite or local wine, or a bottle of their favorite local bourbon! You also can’t go wrong with a fun new beer for them!

4. A Cute Mug for Their Workdays

Your photographer, florist, and decorator most likely run on coffee during wedding season. Give them a little something to keep their coffee cold or hot!

5. A Great Review

One of the best ways to thank your vendors is to give them a great review on WeddingWire! Help other brides and grooms find your amazing vendor by reviewing them, and then also sharing your review on social media! If they ask and you’re willing, provide a great review for them for their website and promotional materials!

Vendor Gift Ideas

Tipping Help

1. Decide on Your Tips Before Your Wedding Day

This sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s important to decide on what you’re going to tip before otherwise, you might forget at the end of the night. It’s a crazy day, and you would hate not to tip someone who deserves it! You can always add later.

2. Check if Gratuity is Added

Nowadays gratuity is often already factored into the cost of the service. Check your vendor contracts and make sure that you’re not double tipping!

3. Tip In Cash

Credit card or check may be easier, but it’s actually kinder to tip in cash. It has to do with tax law, but as someone who has worked in the service industry, cash is king!

4. Use Envelopes

Create and label tip envelopes the week before your wedding! Designate someone in your wedding party to help hand them out, or give them to your day-of coordinator! With everything happening at the end of the night, the last thing you want is to be worrying about tipping your vendors.

5. Who & How Much Should You Tip?

This is one of the biggest questions we had. One of the biggest things to remember is if they own their business or not. If they do, it’s customary not to tip them. Not going to tip them but really appreciate everything they did? I would definitely do a small gift for them (from the list above!)

If you do decide to tip them, here is a great guide to tipping from WeddingWire!


Have you had to tip at a wedding before? Are you a wedding professional who’s been tipped? Have you ever worked in the wedding industry?

If you’re not into weddings right now, what do you think about tipping? What’s your philosophy on it?





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  • Adriana

    I honestly don’t know that I would have thought of this! So smart, and I love all of your gift ideas!

  • Miss ALK

    This is so helpful Ashley! I didn’t know any of the etiquette around this!!

    xoxo A

  • I totally didn’t do this and now I feel bad haha.

    • Ashley Vickney

      Haha I didn’t mean for that to happen! I literally just stumbled upon an article and thought it was cute!

  • I also had no idea this was a thing, but glad I found out before my wedding haha. While I probably won’t be giving them gifts since we’re paying for their services, I definitely plan on using that envelope system for tips and leaving great reviews!

  • thesophiadiaries

    This is a very sweet list to put together!! I love the way you split it up too!

  • I definitely will be taking the time to leave my vendors a great review when I get married one day. I think a lot of times people only feel motivated to write reviews when they’re upset or disappointed with the service meaning some really great companies don’t get the credit they deserve (the double edged sword of the review system in my opinion). And with everything a heart felt thank you is ALWAYS appreciated!

  • Such an awesome list you put together!!! Super helpful!

  • Thank you for sharing this great list! I’ll send this over to my friends who are getting married soon.

    Diary of a Debutante

  • People never write thank you notes anymore! So simple but really meaningful!

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Our venues can with gratuity included! But I believe a hand written thank you note is such a sweet gesture

  • Wow I never heard of this! Definitely will be pinning this post!

    Grace |

  • I never really considered giving my vendors a gift but a hand written note or a review seems like the perfect option!

    • Tori Dunlap

      I had never thought about it either! Love this idea to thank them for all their hard work.
      Tori || Victori Media