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Registry Ideas

Wedding + Registry Ideas & Tips

This is probably a really weird statement, “how we registered for a marriage”. But as fun as registering for gifts can be, Matt and I made sure to register for gifts we were both excited for, would be useful for years to come, and that we would enjoy together. I wanted to share registry ideas on how you can do the same!

My boss actually told me about Zola, and how much she enjoyed using it, so we decided to check it out.

I would 100% recommend it to anybody! Here’s how we made our own registry using Zola!


Registry Ideas


Registry Ideas for Your Marriage

1. Cooking items

I’ve mentioned this before, but Matt and I love to cook.We’ve been holding off on buying kitchen gadgets, and man am I excited. We got a KitchenAid mixer already, and a couple of attachments for it to make cooking easier. We’ve already started cooking some recipes from Cooking Light, and have gotten out of our normal cooking rut.

Here are some of our favorite items that we registered for and have been using:

Currently I’m looking for cookbook recommendations to put on my Christmas wishlist, so leave your favorites in the comments below please!

2. Outdoor Tools

One things that you may not believe about me, is that I actually really enjoy spending time outdoors. I prefer time at a lake, but since movie to a “big city” anything outdoors will do. Matt is an Eagle Scout, and also loves the outdoors. We registered at REI and Zola for outdoor things!

Here are some of our favorite items that we can’t wait to use:

3. Traveling Accessories

Matt and I love to travel, and since we have to travel to see family and friends  we do it a lot. Here are some pieces that we’re really happy we registered for!

4. Entertaining People

I personally love to have people over, and I think Matt enjoys not having to go out and pay a lot at restaurants or for expensive drinks. Also, we hosted Thanksgiving last year and will probably host this year and I’m SO excited to use our new items with our loved ones!

Here are my favorite entertainment items:

  • Ampersand trivet — Matt & I have a thing for Ampersands!
  • Prep Set Bowls — Perfect for dips & blog pics 😉
  • Serving Bowls — Mashed potatoes need a pretty home
  • Decanter — For your favorite brandy, bourbon or whiskey. We prefer bourbon!
  • New Dishes — So we could stop using Matt’s parents’ 25-year-old set they got for their wedding.


Registering for our wedding was so much fun! Zola made it so easy, and our guests loved using it. They didn’t have to worry about our address (since we asked all gifts get shipped), and Zola actually price-matched a bunch of purchases. Their big anniversary sale was the week of our wedding, and a couple of our guests were able to get refunds because the price dropped within a week!

Customer service is such a big deal to me, I think treating people well is very important. Please know that while I sing the praises of Zola, it’s truly because they’ve gone above and beyond to help Matt and I have an easy registering process.

How to Register for Your Marriage

Here are a few things that we would recommend to anybody who gets married and decides to register for physical things:

  1. Identify what items you truly need/want & will use.
  2. Don’t be afraid to register for slightly more expensive versions if they’re better quality & will last longer.
  3. Are there hobbies you already do as a couple or something that you want to start doing, be sure to register for things that you can use as a couple when you’re married!
  4. Don’t be afraid of a couple of cash registries for experiences you really want to try on your honeymoon or in the weeks following your marriage!


These are my tips, I hope they were helpful! What have you done when you registered for? Anything you love buying for your friends?



PS This should be the last wedding post until we get our photos back. Thank you to all my non-engaged, or already married readers/friends who have stuck with me!

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  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    This was one of my favorite tasks during my wedding time! My husband and I had such a great time shopping together with our mothers!

  • Miss ALK

    Such helpful tips Ashley!!! Cookbooks: you need Cravings by Chrissy Teigen if you don’t have it! Someone gave it to me for Christmas last year and it’s one of my favs now!

    xoxo A

  • When I get married one day I definitely think I’ll register for a few cooking essentials. Though I have all the basics for a kitchen I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a few higher quality items.

  • Cooking items were number one on our list for sure. What a wonderful list.

  • Azanique

    This is such a great list! I love getting cooking gifts for newlyweds.

    -xo, Azanique |

  • mckenna bleu

    I had not heard of Zola until I read your post. How cool! Sounds like you have a well thought out registry full of good stuff.

  • Love the idea of having a registry where you can combine everything! We love everything we got for our kitchen! Definitely our most used items.

  • Such a great list! The ampersand trivet is so cute!

    -Carine |

  • Anna Hubbard

    I’m sure these are great tips for someone creating a registry! I’m so far off from creating one, but when the time comes, I’ll remember these!

  • How fun! I can’t wait to do these things when I’m engaged!

  • Creating a wedding registry was one of my favorite things about the wedding planning process! This list is so great.

  • These are great tips! I only thought about cooking items and stuff like that.

  • Amy

    Such great tips! I never really heard of a registry until I started blogging, crazy huh? Will def save this for future references!