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Apple Watch Review

Wellness + Apple Watch Review

This Apple Watch review has been on my content calendar idea list for months, and I’m really excited to share with you why I absolutely love my Apple Watch. It’s really helped to transform Matt and I’s everyday health. We love it so much, we convinced my mother-in-law to get one! This is a long review, so if you really don’t want an Apple Watch at all, I suggest skipping it haha!

Apple Watch Review

*A quick side note before I continue: I understand that Apple Watches are expensive, and I completely acknowledge the fact that this is a stretch for many people. This post is meant to review a wearable and to hopefully help people make a decision whether or not to buy it. This is in no way me telling you to blow your budget on an Apple Watch. In fact, I would advise you to think about it, and then save up for it.

Apple Watch Review


I have the 38mm Series 2 Apple Watch. I have tiny wrists and have to say that it fits perfectly. Matt has the 42mm Series 2 Apple Watch, and it fits him perfectly as well. Even if you plan on buying online, I would recommend going into a store to try on a watch or ask a friend to try theirs on.

Apple Watch Review


This is my favorite part of the Apple Watch. I had a Fitbit for a year before I got an Apple Watch, and didn’t like how it measured my movement or heart rate. Now, this was two years ago, and I know that they’ve gotten better.

Your movement is measured 3 ways:

  1. Stand – How many hours a day that you move. It can be as simple as walking to get more water or to the bathroom, but it reminds you to get off your butt. We’ve all heard the issues with sitting too much, and this helps to combat it.
  2. Excercise – This measure how many minutes you’re counted as being “active.” The set goal is 30 minutes, and it’s a great reminder to move your body at least 30 minutes every day.
  3. Move – The hardest goal to attain each day (or it should be), this is measuring your amount of active calories. This tracks everything from when you put the watch on to when you take it off. My current goal is 550 calories a day, and it’s perfect for the days I’m a bit lazier.

Another quick thing that merits noting, you can “share” your activity with loved ones who have Apple Watches as well. This is really fun because you can send pre-made messages (which only get better and better), and cheer or tease each other. It’s a fun way to hold yourself accountable!


You can track your workouts in the workout app, and they give you a range of options. Anything that is marked as “outdoor”, your watch tracks where you go on a map so you can see where you ran and also what parts of your run are faster or slower.

There’s an option for yoga, strength training, and using the water feature, you can even swim with it. (In fact, Matt and I regularly shower with it on in order to clean it better after a sweaty workout).

It lets you know what your heart rate is, your distance, or active calories.

Monthly Goals

These are a newer feature, but they are my favorite! Each month, the watch/health app on your phone creates a challenge for you. In November, it was to close all of my activity rings for 30 days. In December, I had to burn 23,874 calories, which meant burning over 770 calories a day. This January, I’m supposed to clock in over 146.5 miles. I’m not really on my way due to illness, but in order to meet it, I’m planning on running on the treadmill most mornings!

I think these are great ways to push yourself in a specific way that is tailored to you and not someone else.

Also, sometimes Apple releases a challenge. This is really fun, and it often is a day most people don’t work out. Like on Thanksgiving, it challenges you to run a 5k. Or on National Parks day, it encouraged us to do something outside for 30 minutes (I think). It’s a really fun way to motivate yourself to use it. They show up as badges in your iMessages as well, so you can send them to your loved ones to show off!

Communication: Texts & Calls

Having all of this on my wrist is another favorite thing of mine! I often misplace my phone, or like this, am trying to stay off of it. This means that you get all of your texts and calls on your wrist, instead of having to go on your phone. It’s a great way to stay off your phone and to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

You can also turn this off in case you were wondering, using the do not disturb function on both your phone and watch. It’s perfect if you’re in a meeting, or at church. Even if you just don’t want to be disturbed.

You can also elect to get all your notifications on your watch as well, like emails and social notifications. I personally don’t because I hate those notifications. But do whatever feels good for you. All of this can be changed in the settings app.

Working Out Without Your Phone

This is Matt’s favorite feature of the watch! You can pair Bluetooth headphones, or Air Pods, to your watch. Download your workout playlists to your watch, and workout phone free.

Daily Versatility

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what it looks like on your wrist all day. Thankfully, you can easily switch out bands, and there are lots of options out there. I currently have a navy sports band, a brown leather band, and a black leather band. I rarely find that I need different ones.

There are a lot of great options on Amazon. My recommendation is to get whatever color watch you want, and not worry about the kind of band you get.

You can also choose your watch face, and there are a ton of options. You can keep it as an analog watch, have a selection of your favorite photos, or try a Disney character.


This is the number one complaint that most people when it comes to their watches are that it’s really only a day’s charge. However, I found that treating my watch like my phone is the best way to go about it.

Every night, I plug in my phone and watch into this charging dock. We have the white one, but I can’t seem to find it. I have to say with my Fitbit, it wasn’t quite a full 3-day charge, so I often found it would die in the middle of the day on the third day.

If you’re looking to use this as a sleep monitor as well, something that Matt does is takes off his watch as soon as he’s met all of his goals. The watch only takes about an hour and a half to charge.  So he’s able to put it back on once he goes to bed and uses it to wake himself up in the morning.

Apple Watch

This is the achievements page where you get details of your challenges!

Apple Watch Review

An example of a challenge!

 Apple Watch Review

Workout recap in the activity app.

Apple Watch Review

Here is an overview of your workouts in the app.

Apple Watch Review

This is the daily activity app view (the circle is on your watch as well).

Apple Watch Review

This is the breakdown of your daily roles!

Apple Watch Review

This is an overview of your months as well!

The App

I actually really enjoy the health app on my phone. I can view my streak of goals, my workouts (like the route of my runs), and all of the badges that I’ve earned.

The one downside I have to say is that it’s only about your activity. There’s no way to track your food or water intake. It only does your activity. There is a way to track your sleep with the bedtime portion of the clock app. You have to use third-party apps (that can integrate with your watch data) in order to get a more holistic view of your health.


As you can tell, I’m obsessed with my Apple Watch. It has been one of the best investments in my health that I could have made. If you’re looking to up your wellness game, this can be a really great way to do that! I hope that this Apple Watch review has been helpful for you!


Is there anything I missed that you might want to know? Comment below, or email me at, I’ll happily answer any questions that I can!



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