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How to Get Back On Track

Wellness + Getting Back On Track After A Hard Week

Whew, have you ever had one of those weeks? Where you’re sick or super busy or just got back from a trip and didn’t have time to prep frazzled? You were doing great at eating to fuel your body, and working out to feel good but then wham, life hits ya.

That’s how I’ve been the past two weeks and I don’t know if it’s going to get any better with moving two weekends in a row. But I’m determined to try and stay a little bit on track with being intentional with how I eat. Being intentional is hard when I’m busy, stressed and tired. I’m more likely to reach for a sugary snack over fruit or veggies, but these are the tips that I use in order to get back and stay on track after a hard week.

How to Get Back On Track

How to Get Back & Stay On Track After a Hard Week

Take 15 Minutes to Plan Out Your Week:

This was my big tip for a busy week in college, and honestly it’s just a good universal tip. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, write down everything you have to do and assign a time and date to it. Also plan out your meals (like what and where) in order to know where and how to eat healthy. I also plan out my snacks or ideas for snacks so I don’t reach for the sugary ones!

Make time to walk places:

This may be weird, but I always try to make time to actually walk places instead of taking my usual transportation. It gives you time to gather your thoughts and get ready for what ever is next. Also it’s great exercise!

Remember it’s about the long-run, not the short-run:

Looking back at one really bad week and beating yourself up for it doesn’t so anything. Remember that getting back to your healthy habits is what makes them stick!

Take a deep breath and think of what good things you were doing!

Envision Yourself Being Successful:

Close your eyes and visualize yourself eating to fuel your body everyday, working out to energize your body, and relaxing to help your body. Remind yourself that this is about living your best life by taking care of your body.

Kickstart Getting Back on Track

Take your favorite workout class with a friend, or even try a new healthy restaurant! Having fun doing something you love or eating something you love in order to remind yourself to get back to treating your body well!

What do you do to get yourself back on track?  How do you keep yourself on track?





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  • These are great tips, especially since I feel so overwhelmed lately. Definitely taking a few tips to heart.

  • Awesome tips! I really need to get back on track with my workouts, so this is extremely useful!

  • Taking time to intentionally plan your week is so huge!

  • These are great tips! I also fell off the wagon the past two weeks with being sick but I’m ready to get back to it.

  • Greta Hollar

    I’m trying to get back on track after coming back from a weekend trip and it’s so hard! These tips will definitely help me get back on the wagon.

    Greta |

  • Hope you are feeling better and back on track! I couldn’t agree more about planning and walking! those are my go to’s!

  • I definitely plan out my weeks. I love to take 10-15 minutes like you mentioned above and write out a to do list with everything that I need to accomplish. Makes me feel so much better.

  • YES! It’s all about the LONG-TERM! I have to remind myself of that every time I ‘fall off the wagon!’

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    Walking places though…

    I wish I could do this xD even though I spend every second thinking about long term I always think short term when it comes to exercising xD I guess it’s all about the mindset.. lol

  • stephanieabills

    I seriously needed this right now! This week has been brutal and has had me giving up on goals left and right. I couldn’t agree more that focusing on long-term is the best way to keep yourself “on the wagon!”

  • Okay I SO needed this post today. I normally eat pretty healthy and workout consistently but moving really messed up my schedule too. I was ordering takeout like crazy and unable to make it to the gym. On the bright side I have been walking more and now that my kitchen is unpacked I can start cooking and packing my lunch again (: Great post!

  • Definitely needed this! Had a busy past few weeks and getting a bit frazzled – so I will have to try doing some of these!

  • I always underestimated the power of a good walk to just refresh – it works WONDERS!

    Coming Up Roses