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Adulting + What’s Been Going On & 7 Links You Need to Read

Hi y’all. I feel like it’s been a hot minute since we’ve caught up, so I thought I’d share what’s been going on!

Grab a glass of wine, coffee, or water and let’s catch up.

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1. Wedding Planning

Not going to lie, I’m not sure if I’m handling this well. A lot of people have offered to help, and those closet to me say I’m not asking for enough help. But have you ever felt like a burden? I don’t want people to be upset at M and I for asking too much. So we’ve asked for more help.

I’m starting to get more emotional about the fact we will be husband and wife in such a short time. Our long engagement has been a blessing, but I’m more then ready to start this next chapter in our lives.

If you have a loved one planning a wedding, I think my biggest piece of advice is to be there just to listen. There are a hundred decisions to be made and sometimes they just need someone to talk to! A ton of people have offered to help, and while it’s super sweet it can also be overwhelming at times. Just a thought for everyone who may not have wedding craziness going on!


2. Bachelorette Bash

This was the best weekend of the year so far, and I know that more are to come which makes me even more excited. I knew it would be difficult to get a lot of people together in Upper Michigan, but the people who were able to make made the entire weekend.

My younger sister was on crutches due to a recent hip surgery and was a total trooper. The steps to the lake were not easy, but she was so much fun! My cousin is also not 21, and was also super great. I only have two female cousins, and I’m so glad that this one is old enough to participate in things!

Do you know those friends in your life who are just super stars? My MOH is amazing, it’s been 9 years of friendship and I can’t believe that she sticks around sometimes. She planned the perfect weekend with the help of one of my other bridesmaids and I had so much fun.

Another bridesmaid (she drove from Nebraska because she’s a champ) and one of my dear friends from college were only there. We were a small group, but a fun one. We started at 9am with breakfast, and spent a good 10 hours on the lake! It’s exactly the kind of thing that I’ve been missing in my life.

Connecting with good friends, wearing no make up, and just being goofy was the best weekend I could have asked for with everything we have going on!

3. Enjoying Boston

Matt and I have really been enjoying summer in the city! We’ve both done a ton of walking, visiting our favorite brewery, and just spending time on our deck! All of our trips have been home because of the wedding, but we’re taking notes on what to do next summer when we don’t have to spend all of our travel money on flights home.

If any of you live in the northeast, please give me camping recs in the comments! We’re hoping to take a trip about a month before the wedding to get rid of some stress! If you have any great camping suggestions in the northeast, please let me know below!

4. The N-Sale

Y’all I love love love Nordstrom. This is my favorite sale of the year because I feel like I’m getting all new things, instead of really discounted things that are out of season. I was complaining about bloggers and the #NSale until I saw this tweet from Katey. It changed my entire perspective!

Anyway here’s what I got from the #NSale, but I haven’t tried anything on yet so check my insta for updates!



I got the t-shirt in grey, I already have the grey cardigan and got it in burgundy too! Also the booties I got in the brown color!



Krista is quickly becoming my favorite fashion blogger. I feel like I could wear everything she posts, it’s a good mix of high end and low end pieces. Anyway, she shared her top fall basics from the #NSale that I think you should definitely check it out!

Being a blogger can be hard, here’s how to stay organized from one of my girl Summer!

How to manifest anything thanks to the amazing Rachel! I’ve started following her advice, and I swear it’s working!

Have a side hustle? Or do you just work a lot? How to stop working all the time and actually relax.

Looking to eat healthy on a budget? The EveryGirl shares why eating seasonally is really important.

Cristina is one of my favorite bloggers to follow, and her book recommendations have been added to my already long list!

Do you know those friends that always seem to know what to say to you? Well I consider Erica my internet friend and her post on raising your vibe is so topical to me right now!


Leave me some great links below! What have you been up to? Anything fun?




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  • ahhh so happy to hear the the manifestation steps have been working for you!! Cheers to raising your vibe!

  • your ring float is so cute and so fitting! love it!
    xo, hannah

  • Miss ALK

    So glad you had a fun Bachelorette party!! And that you’ve been enjoying Boston summer! Boston is a great city- if I had weekends off from work I would definitely make a trip.

    xoxo A

  • I can’t imagine how much work wedding planning must be! I am so glad you had such a phenomenal bachelorette party, HUGE shoutout to your sister for going to the lake and battling the difficult terrain on crutches!

  • Hang in there with wedding planning – it will all be worth it!

  • Come to Vermont! It’s not too far from Boston! Lots of relaxation here!

  • I love you on this float! I remember commenting on the post where you first showed it and told us you would use it on you Bachelorette party! so cool! You look so happy 🙂
    Sending love from Austria,

  • Amanda Faber

    Just remember to enjoy wedding planning. It can be stressful but you only do it once in your lifetime. So sit back and enjoy it while you can!!

  • Chrissey

    Best of luck with wedding planning, I’m sure it’s stressful but you’ll be able to find the fun in it! Plus it’ll be so worth it in the end!

  • So…yeah. I said I wasn’t going to purchase anything from Nordstrom this week. Well, somehow $600 was charged to my card…. haha. SO many amazing deals! My husband even had me order him some things today xx

  • I got the BP cardi and the Zella leggings as well.

  • Laila

    Sounds like you’ve been up to a lot! Thanks for sharing the links, those posts look like really good reads!

  • thesophiadiaries

    Omg that ring floaty is so cute haha

  • I definitely understand about the wedding planning haha. We’ve also had a long engagement, and now that we’re within a year of the actual date things are starting to pick up! Love your finds from the NSale, and loved all those posts you linked!

  • You’ve been a busy bee! Your bachelorette sounds fun and that float is TOO cute!